Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Where most of us are aware of this phrase, not many apply it in their lives, especially when it comes to housekeeping.

Typically our houses have the furniture well laid out, expensive gadgets are in place and though we remain conscious about health hazards but living spaces do breed infections for lack of regular and efficient cleaning.

On the surface everything may look spick and span but acquainting yourself with the health dangers lying lurking around in hidden corners will surely have you take up the cleaning job more seriously for these reasons:

1. A clean home always is healthy living.
It’s no secret that dirt free properly cleaned home is always a healthier choice to live in. Hygiene conscious and medical specialists will testify that that those who reside in cleaner houses are less prone to infectious diseases. To live in clean environs, you don’t have to deep clean your house every day. Simply dusting and mopping your house on a daily basis is enough to curb all mould and bacterial growths. If it is too much of a trouble for you to take care of your home on a regular basis, you can always call Mr. Meticulous. In and around Neutral Bay, Sydney we are the best cleaning service providers.


2. A clean house imbibes positive moods for the residents.
An unclean and disorderly house is always a trouble to live in. The chaos around your living spaces affects thought processes and can become contagious and depressive for the inhabitants. On the other hand a clean home is always cozy and inviting. Cleanliness is infectious to a level that it elevates low moods to turn them around into a positive frame of mind, the kind one looks for to spend those solitary hours in the comfort of a place we call home. So, keep your house clean on a regular basis and see the magic seep in.

3. In a orderly house, every item will always be at its proper place.
To live in a clean house, there needs to some order around where all household items have a defined setting. Placing every item to a place in accordance to its importance in the house not only ensures that you don’t misplace or lose anything but it also helps to make the daily cleaning and dusting process a simpler task to do. Moreover with every item always at its place, you can lay your hands on whatever you want at any time. A hard pressed working life may not allow time for proper housekeeping. You can always approach us for professional help.

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4. For a better sleep, no place like a clean bedroom.
A well kept bedroom with a neatly laid out bed is a subtle invite for a sound sleep – one of the luxuries of healthy living. A disorderly bedroom crammed with books, clothes and to top it, a crumbled bed is a disappointment when you get there after a hard day at office. And doing up your bedroom every morning or before slipping in is not always possible. A professionally managed housekeeping service does give that comfort of arriving home where the house and the bedroom is in order every day.

5. For inviting friends, holding parties – a clean house reflects your personality.
You must admit that if your house is not clean and in order, you simply put off inviting family friends, your boss or relatives for the party that you have wanted to throw. Doing up the house for holding the party maybe a bother for you, for others the cleaning up to be done after the party is over maybe be a burden heavy enough for not having guests over at all for any function. A housekeeping service ensures that your house is always well kept and gives the peace of mind of being able to host any guest any time and not having to bother about the heavy cleaning needing to be done after a messy party, someday.


If you are located in Sydney and feel that your regular house cleaning tasks are becoming so burdensome and tiresome that you are left with no spare time to read, hear music or just laze around, do call us. We at Mr. Meticulous are the leading cleaning company in Sydney, who are conscious about our reputation of the services we provide in the city.
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