Airbnb’s 5-Step Advanced Cleaning Process

Airbnb’s 5-Step Advanced Cleaning Process

The 5-step cleaning process is a set of cleaning practices that all hosts have to carry out between stays and comply with local laws and recommendations.

Step 1: Preparation

Proper preparation will help make the cleaning process safer and more efficient for you and the people who help you with this task. This is what you should do:

Ventilate the space before and while cleaning, if possible.

Airbnb cleaners, Use disinfectants that have been approved by the competent authorities in your area to combat the coronavirus.

Always read the directions and warnings on cleaning products carefully.

Wash or sanitize your hands.



Step 2: Cleaning

Cleaning consists of removing dirt and dust from surfaces, such as floors or countertops. Make sure to do the following:

Broom or vacuum, dust, and mop the floor before disinfecting.

Wash all the dishes and wash clothes at the highest possible temperature.

Clean hard surfaces with soap and water.

Step 3: disinfection

Disinfection involves using chemicals to reduce bacteria on surfaces, such as doorknobs and television controls. Make sure to do the following:

Spray the frequent contact surfaces of each space using an approved disinfectant.

Airbnb cleaners, Wait for the product to take effect for the time indicated on the label.

Let the surface air dry.

Step 4: Replenishment

To access custom cleaning tasks, go to Performance> Cleaning. Make sure to do the following:

Review the recommendations on the specific to-do lists for each room to verify that you’ve cleaned and sanitized everything you need after each stay.

Report these requirements to your lodging team and cleaning professionals.

Step 5: Replenishment

To avoid cross-contamination, it is important that you finish cleaning and disinfecting a room thoroughly before placing items for the next guest. Make sure to do the following:

Wash your hands and change gloves before putting out new items, bedding, or cleaning supplies for the next guests.

Airbnb cleaners, Discard or wash the cleaning supplies and protective equipment you have used, always ensuring maximum safety.

Do not go back into a room that you have already disinfected.

Empty or clean the cleaning supplies (vacuum cleaner, microfiber cloths …) between one stay and the next.

This process is based on the Airbnb Cleaning Manual, which we have developed with the help of experts in sanitation and medicine.


Important Notice:

Following these practices, it is necessary to wear a mask, adhere to physical distancing measures when required by local laws or guidelines, and follow the 5-step advanced cleaning process. Airbnb cleaners, If a host repeatedly or seriously violates the cleaning guidelines, we may send you notices, suspend your account, and even get you banned from the Airbnb platform.

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