#1 Best end of Tenancy Cleaners 2021

What is an end of tenancy clean? An end of tenancy clean is a deep clean of a property typically carried out when a tenant moves out. It is designed to leave the property in a clean and tidy state so that the Landlord can assess any damage and make sure that the tenant has [...]

How to hire a cleaning company

How to hire a cleaning company 1. Determine if your renovation is covered by insurance. 2. Consult a cleaning company to establish a time and date for the service. 3. Decide on additional tasks you want to have done, such as carpets stretched or tiles replaced if they have been damaged during renovations. 4. Question [...]

Housekeeping Agency

Housekeeping Agency Keys that make the difference between a cleaning agency and a generic cleaning company Although experience is not everything, it does help decisively when it comes to obtaining guarantees of professional cleaning.  Also in the fulfilment of services, when hiring a new cleaning agency. Housekeeping agencies, Cleaning companies with a long professional career [...]

Cleaning Wall

Cleaning Wall We will discover you step by step the simplest and most effective way to clean the house's walls. Because buying magic erasers at the supermarket is an option, why if you can do it more effectively? Roughly, we could calculate that the surface to be cleaned in an 80 m 2 house would [...]

Airbnb’s 5-Step Advanced Cleaning Process

Airbnb's 5-Step Advanced Cleaning Process Airbnb's 5-Step Advanced Cleaning Process The 5-step cleaning process is a set of cleaning practices that all hosts have to carry out between stays and comply with local laws and recommendations. Step 1: Preparation Proper preparation will help make the cleaning process safer and more efficient for you and the [...]

Office Cleaning Solutions

office cleaning solutions Why every office needs a cleaner Every office needs a cleaner. There are just some tasks that can't be done on the company's own - and it's not only because they haven't taken up this work in the company policies and procedures yet. Office cleaners serve an essential purpose: to make sure [...]

Office Cleaning Sydney

Office Cleaning Cleaners Cleaning offices will generally consist of cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning, and dusting any furniture in the office. Office cleaning can also consist of: -cleaning and disinfecting all workstations -wiping down walls and doors -vacuuming carpets and rugs -sweeping/vacuuming floors -dusting blinds and furniture Office Cleaning Tips: Office Cleaning is not just a [...]

#1 How to make Natural Cleaning Chemicals – Environmental cleaning solutions

So here's how you can make your own hand-sanitiser, spray and wipe, and disinfectant wipes using ingredients you may already have at home. "I think it'll take us about three minutes to make hand-sanitiser," cleaning and organising expert Anita Burgess told A Current Affair. The ingredients - Isopropyl alcohol, aloe vera gel, and Anita's also using [...]

#1 How to clean your home – Mr Meticulous Sydney Australia

GENERAL HOUSEHOLD CLEANING Cleaning a house requires a large amount of work. With a busy schedule, it usually is hard to stay together with all of the cleaning tasks. Mr Meticulous Cleaning Sydney Australia will help you streamline your cleaning routine for a far more efficient and far better cleaning plan. About THE HOUSE Cleaning [...]

#1 Who to call when you need to sterilise your office or home

While searching for a more refined for Cleans and Sanitise your office or home space, call us Mr Meticulous Cleaning or email us at [email protected] While searching for a more refined for Cleans and Sanitise your office or home space, call us Mr Meticulous Cleaning or email us at [email protected] The novel coronavirus is officially [...]

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