End of the lease cleaning is no easy task. Apart from taking a lot of time and energy, it is surely a stressful task as well. After all, if anything goes wrong, you may be penalized with your entire deposit money!

However, worry not; if you prepare beforehand, and follow some simple guidelines, you can surely pull off this difficult task all by yourself without much hassle.

We have enlisted few common mistakes that, if avoided, can help you sail easily through your end-of-lease cleaning spree—

1. Starting without drafting a to-do list:
Having no clue about where to begin and which area of the house to clean up first may land you in some serious trouble. So, better avoid all the trouble and make a to-do list of which part to clean up first, and which area is of utmost importance. And, if you think you are too busy to find time to do so much work, contact the best cleaning service in Sydney, Mr. Meticulous.

2. Leaving it all for the last minute:
According to tenancy deals, you have to hand over a squeaky clean house. So, it has to be properly deep-cleaned, and not simply mopped over or vacuumed. When you know that the end of lease is near, it is about time to start cleaning different areas of the house on a daily basis. You can also focus on one small area at a time. This way, you won’t have too much garbage, dust or stains to deal with at the last minute. If you still need help with this, Mr. Meticulous is here to help you out. You just have to call!

3. Trying to do it all on your own when you cannot:
Never underestimate the importance of end-of-lease cleaning, and remember that end-of-lease cleaning is NOT regular cleaning. So, never try to take up the burden of the entire job of your own shoulders. For effective end-of-lease cleaning in Sydney, at least two people must share the job among themselves, and if it seems too much to ask, let professional cleaners in Sydney help you out. Paying a small fee to cleaning services company is better than losing all of your deposit money, right?

4. Taking up cleaning before carrying out repairs:
After you are done with making a to-do list, you must prepare an estimate of all the repairs you are responsible for according to the tenancy deal. If the repairs demand external aid, make all the appointments prior to taking up the main end-of-lease cleaning to avoid any unforeseen troubles. However, if those are DIY repairs, make sure to do them perfectly lest you are charged with your whole or a part of your deposit amount. Otherwise, simple leave the job to professional handymen.

5. Skip on cleaning the living room, kitchen and main bathroom:
Now, these are the areas that the landlord(s) is going to inspect first, and are also typically the most-used (and, hence, the dirtiest) areas of your house.

6. Ignoring the garden or backyard:
If yes, cleaning those areas must be of utmost importance. Mow the lawn, wash the decks properly, arrange the furniture outside (if any) and neatly keep the garbage in a bin. A tip-toe outside may help you earn some brownie points. Again, if you think end-of-lease cleaning is not your cup of tea, call us now, and transform the house for the better in no time.

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