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Your local Exit cleaning services. We have the best exit cleaning cleaners near me.  When it comes to exit cleaning products, we are also supplying them as well so those premises are handed back to the real estate or your property manager.

Being of Sydney’s most efficient and affordable exit cleaning services, you will find our exit cleaning checklist is considerable, and as they say, no stone unturned or no corner untouched. All you need to do is move out, and we move in.

You go and set up your new home, and leave all that yucky cleaning to my team of cleaners.


Having a family, and us both working full-time jobs, cleaning is the last thing either one of us gets to do, so fortnightly its like a luxury for us. Having our home tidied, floors done, bathrooms and kitchen sanitized. The other reason we chose Mr Meticulous, and for us the main reason, was that the office explained to us how staff are vetted, trained and insured. The police clearance was probably the best thing we came across that separated Mr Meticulous from the other firms we interviewed. We have children, and I wanted safety and reassurance that those entering our home when we are not home were vetted. Finally, dealing with the office is always a pleasure… Thank you, Natalie.
Thanks, Mr Meticulous for giving me peace of mind the week before my wedding! I needed a total ONE-OFF spring clean and had no time to micromanage this as well as everything else. Your cleaners came in, and totally got my home ready for the family arriving to stay and made me look like a great wife AGAIN, Thank you so much for sending me an outstanding cleaning couple!”
Ms D Kirkman BONDI
Ms D Kirkman BONDI
Finally, o cleaning service that will do more than just turn up and take my money. I needed more of a maid service. And thankfully now I have a couple that
understands my specific requirements. I’m tidy. but I needed ironing done. my fridge cleaned. as we as removing and recycling the rubbish that accumulates weekly.
More than anything, they turn up. they care. and they ore totally trustworthy. Thanks, Mr M
Floyd Staller
Floyd Staller
Our Office contains Private and Confidential information, not just for private clients, but handling NSW Government Agency’s legal works as well. We would only deal with a trusted and secure business. When Marc came to our office to quote, he let us know we could choose our own alarm code. Left swipes and door keys, so we knew when cleaners entered and left. Also that should our security firm call them, they would have someone to answer, thus we would not get charged a call out fee. I will say too, that at all times when I have had to deal with the office, or needed clarity on invoices, it has been handled efficiently and professionally. It’s been great working with Mr Meticulous Cleaners, Marc and his office.
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