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Keep the house clean with minimal effort. That is anyone’s maxim. Or at least of all those who hate cleaning or having to spend their little free time to put the house in order. Home Cleaning, The problem is that when you are one of those who are lazy about cleaning, in the end, you let dirt and clutter accumulate and there comes the point that there is no choice but to take a cleaning marathon. And that does not like anyone, nor does it help to reconcile with order and cleanliness, because if you spend five hours cleaning, not only will you end up exhausted, but you will hardly feel like repeating it, so you will not create the habit of cleaning.

In addition, when you choose to leave everything for “the day I clean”, for that marathon, if for whatever reason you do not finish the pending tasks, you will feel that you have failed, which in turn will demotivate you. Because cleaning marathons are not sustainable over time: you can’t do a cleaning marathon every day. Not even weekly. And that means that you will accumulate dirt, clutter … and have to plan another exhausting “super clean”.

Therefore, we should stop beating ourselves up with the mantra that cleaning is tedious and look for a method that makes it easier for us and reconciles us with cleanliness and order. In fact, if the problem is that we associate cleaning the house with killing ourselves at work because we only act when our home looks like a mess, the solution is to establish a plan to keep clutter and dirt at bay and not let them accumulate. Planning short-term actions, little things that can be done every day, will avoid unwanted weekend marathons.

And, along these lines, it is convenient not to forget the ten most effective things when it comes to keeping the house clean and tidy without killing ourselves.

Home Cleaning

Home Cleaning


  1. Make the bed every day.

Portrait of a young, responsible man changing the sheets on his bed.  Sheets are white with polka dots on them, some motion blur as the young man moves across his bed, tucking in the corner of the sheet.  Natural window light coming in to fill the room.  * soft focus, due to manual focus and self-timer

It may seem like bullshit, but a made or unmade bed makes a big difference in perceiving how the house is. Home Cleaning, Seeing that you have a freshly made bed makes the room seem less cluttered and makes you feel good, especially when you arrive tired from work and walk into the bedroom to go to bed. So the first point of your new cleaning method should be to make the bed every day, before leaving the house. Stretching and fitting the sheets or duvet will take less than five minutes; it is a very profitable investment.


  1. Wash the dishes after every meal

There is nothing more devastating, and that causes more a feeling of disorder and dirt in the house than walking into the kitchen and seeing the sink full of dirty pans, plates and pots, with leftover food. If sooner or later you are going to have to wash them, do it after every meal and do not let them pile up or wait until you need some of the dishes to start cleaning them.

This also applies to dinner. Clearing the table, clearing the countertop, putting in the dishwasher or washing dishes and dishes before going to sleep will allow you to start the next day on the right foot. At first, it can be lazy, but you will appreciate it every morning when you enter a kitchen to prepare breakfast.

And the same in the morning. Please don’t walk out the kitchen door until it’s tidy. You will appreciate the difference when you return saturated from work, and you do not have to start cleaning or washing to prepare dinner.

Also, remember that the fewer appliances and utensils you accumulate on the countertop, the easier and faster it will be to clean it. Another useful trick to keep the kitchen clean and tidy with less effort is to place a carpet in front of the fires: it will collect the spatters that occur when cooking and thus will keep the rest of the floor cleaner.


  1. Keep the fridge clean.

A black point when it comes to keeping the house clean and in order is the refrigerator. We open it a thousand times a day and, if it’s dirty, it makes us more and more nervous. The first thing is to throw away everything that smells bad or expired and wipe the shelves and drawers. Home Cleaning is about organizing the food, leaving the ones we use the closest at hand, and always trying to keep that order.

In addition, to prevent food or liquid residues from accumulating in the drawers, you can put paper underneath. Thus, every time it is dirty, it is changed and ready, without cleaning the entire drawer again.


  1. Dry the bathroom after showering

The drops and limescale on the mirror, the shower screen or the taps immediately make the bathroom look dirty. If you leave a microfiber cloth and a squeegee on hand and wipe them through glass and faucets after showering or using the sink, limescale drops will not accumulate, and the bathroom will stay “clean” for longer. In addition, when it comes to really clean it, it will be easier to do it.


  1. Ventilate

Flowers and plants on the windowsill

A fundamental aspect of cleaning the house (and it “smells clean”) is to ventilate it regularly. In the bedroom, you can do it daily while you make the bed. And the rest of the stay, while you shower, pick up, have breakfast or clean. It takes ten minutes to renew the air in a room, and the house always smells clean.


  1. Worst first

If you don’t like cleaning, start with whatever costs you the most. It may be for the largest room. Or for the one that gives you the most laziness. Thus, once you have it ready, the rest will become more bearable, or it will cost you less to resume it at another time.

And while you clean, go ordering. Take everything to its place, do not leave it on the table or shelf where it was if it is not in its place. When finished, not only will everything be clean but also placed. Home Cleaning, This repositioning will be easier if you gradually get used to, for example, putting each paper in its place every day instead of leaving it on the table. Or to return things to the drawer or shelf from which you got them instead of leaving them in the first place that remains at hand.


  1. From top to bottom

Another trick to make cleaning your home faster and easier is to do it from top to bottom. That is as good for dusting (that way, the one that falls, you will not have to go over it again) and for ordering shelves or cabinets, or if the house has more than one floor. If you start at the top, it is easier for you to finish the cleaning than if you have to go up to the upper rooms when you are tired of cleaning the lower ones.

Home Cleaning

Home Cleaning

  1. Destrastea

An orderly house also involves eliminating “junk”, that is, all those objects, appliances and clothes that you neither like nor use. In addition, “destined” you gain space, and you have fewer things to clean. And when it comes to speeding up and facilitating cleaning, it is essential to order and, above all, remove things from the floor. This will make it easier to sweep, mop or vacuum later.


  1. Pick up and put away clothes.

Folding and storing clothes as soon as they are dry will avoid leaving them in the middle and making the house look cluttered AzmanL / Getty Images.

If you want your house to be clean and collected, say goodbye to the mountains of clothes (or the continuous presence of the clothesline in the middle of the living room or study). Home Cleaning, Not only do they make you look ugly and dirty, and you have to collect them sooner or later. And the longer it has been, the more the clothes will have wrinkled or even stained. Therefore, the most practical trick is to wash, dry and store the clothes practically at once.

When you take the clothes out of the dryer or pick them up from the clothesline, you stretch each piece, fold it or hang it on hangers and put it right away in its place, and you will avoid accumulating work and having things in the way. And, in addition, the pieces that you have to iron will wrinkle much less, and you will have them ready with fewer passes.


  1. Sweep and mop, or vacuum the floor

If the plan is to prevent dirt from accumulating and cleaning marathons, it is best not to wait for the lint to circulate freely to sweep, mop or vacuum the floors. If you have a vacuum cleaner, use it instead of the broom: you will raise less dust, and you will have to clean the furniture less often.

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