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Keys that make the difference between a cleaning agency and a generic cleaning company

Although experience is not everything, it does help decisively when it comes to obtaining guarantees of professional cleaning.  Also in the fulfilment of services, when hiring a new cleaning agency. Housekeeping agencies, Cleaning companies with a long professional career in the sector have clients that we can recognize by their brand or by being public bodies. Their logos are usually included on their website and also in their dossier.

All companies that wish to make a difference in their sector of activity request the professional qualification services issued by specialized agencies such as Aenor. These carry out a detailed study of each company. Also a comparison with others in the sector. Issues a certificate of quality and professional recognition. Thus guaranteeing that said company develops all its activities under the legal guidelines that apply to it. For the quality certificates to be valid, the rating agencies carry out periodic controls and audits. Housekeeping agencies, In them they oblige companies to maintain the levels that have been assigned to them. Other companies prefer to benefit from the analysis carried out by professional associations in each sector. They do it when it comes to obtaining guarantee certificates for their services. Rating agency logos usually appear on quotes. You can also see more information on their website.

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Cleaning agencies with guarantees have at the disposal of their clients the proof of payment of social security contributions of the operators assigned to each work address.

Housekeeping agency

Housekeeping agency

Other important features

A cleaning agency with a guarantee usually maintains its business address for many years in one place. It will only be transferred due to business expansion. From time to time, cleaning companies that change their offices or headquarters offer a certain space for mistrust. The normal thing is always staying in the same place when a property is acquired, and its facilities are adapted. Serious cleaning companies want to be easily located—housekeeping agency, Both for his clients of always, as for the new and potential ones. Transparency is one of the best guarantees of responsibility and seriousness. cleaning agency

A cleaning company with a good organization and infrastructure always has the necessary departments to offer a rapid response. Whatever the client’s need, whether you have left a message to request a quote, or if they have stayed with you in your business – real estate. So you can collect a lot of useful information. From the speed and way they call you back, the data they request, the punctuality of appointments, the image that the company representative transmits, or the type of presentation they make of the services they offer.

Possibility of accidents

Although it can happen to anyone that when cleaning the windows, an accidental breakage occurs. As well as that in the transfer of products a container falls involuntarily spilling its content penetrating a delicate surface, spoiling its appearance. But, there is a big difference between assuming responsibility or not. Which in the first place corresponds to the cleaning company. In turn, depending on the circumstances, it will affect or not your worker. Housekeeping agency, In any case, a prestigious cleaning company places a high value on each of its clients. It is about the opinion that they can convey. It will never exempt its responsibility for any damage that may occur as a result of the intervention of its operators.

Control and supervision

Obviously, cleaning companies that offer all kinds of guarantees are not dedicated as is logical

l to replace elements or surfaces that were already deteriorated, worn or broken before their intervention. In this sense, there is a control that begins with the first visit of the salesperson or representative of the cleaning company. This makes a first visual inspection of elements and surfaces. The client will be informed of the results obtained, the state of conservation, and possible incidents included in the budget in detail. An explanation of the relevant qualifications will be given. Regular operators have orders to report all kinds of incidents they observe when doing daily tasks, including them in their work reports. Professional cleaner.  Either due to natural wear or dirt, whose replacement or repair logically corresponds to the client. Unless you have a comprehensive maintenance contract that includes those certain services. In any case, cleaning agencies with guarantees always have a representative or manager. This supervises promptly when it comes to a specific service. Also periodically in the case of continued services. To achieve the satisfaction of each of its clients.

The presentation and detail of the service offers will also inform you about the degree of demand and quality maintained by a guaranteed cleaning agency or a conventional cleaning company. cleaning agency

Spring Cleaning your Home

Spring cleaning your home

Importance of having a guarantee

Housekeeping Agency

In a cleaning company with guarantees, even the smallest detail is taken care of: from the equipment of its employees, through the informative posters, the ease of contact, etc.

Cleaning companies that evolve with the times, and are pointing to the novelties in treatments for cleaning and disinfection respectful with the environment, offer added guarantees because, in their tasks, they avoid the use of chemical products, thus ruling out many potential accidents both personal and treated surfaces and also with the use of technology applied to cleaning, better results and more satisfied customers are achieved. Finally, and in this sense, the use of ecological cleaning procedures reduces personnel and product costs, which translate into greater cost-effectiveness. Housekeeping agency, A cleaning agency with good infrastructure: a transport fleet, good facilities or a presence in the media, is always synonymous with a guarantee.

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