So here’s how you can make your own hand-sanitiser, spray and wipe, and disinfectant wipes using ingredients you may already have at home.

“I think it’ll take us about three minutes to make hand-sanitiser,” cleaning and organising expert Anita Burgess told A Current Affair.

The ingredients – Isopropyl alcohol, aloe vera gel, and Anita’s also using essential oils for smell. You can use coconut oil instead.

“To start off, we need to use our rubbing alcohol, our Isopropyl. And the ratio is two thirds to one third of aloe vera. I’m going to use Eucalyptus today and be generous, you can do about 10 drops,” says Ms Burgess.


cleaning and organising expert Anita Burgess show how simple it is to make hand sanitiser, spray and wipe and disinfectant wipes at home. (A Current Affair)

Mix and pour and you’ve got hand-sanitiser. You’ll need distilled water, hydrogen peroxide and castile soup to make Ms Burgess’s multi-purpose spray and wipe.

“We are going to use one cup of distilled or demineralised water, then we’re going to use one cup of hydrogen peroxide, then we’re going to use one tablespoon of castile soap,” she explained.

Ms Burgess is adding essential oils, and she’s using a bottle she has at home to store it.

“Go and get yourself some hand towel, it’s around now. I want you to cut it in half, and pop it into your container.”

“All we need for this is two cups of water, then we’re going to use one cup of isoprpyl or hydrogen peroxide, four drops of dish washing liquid, that’s it.”

Mix well, pour, shake, remove the centre and you’ve got disinfectant wipes. Easy as that.

Ms Burgess dips ordinary hand town in the solution to make disinfectant wipes. (A Current Affair)