Maid And Cleaning Service

In most cases, companies hire cleaning services “blindly”. This makes the results not what we expected. In fact, in some cases, we even find that the cleaning company has not done its job properly and we find dirt in our facilities.

For this reason, we have collected the main “types” of cleaning that a company requires so that both suppliers and applicants of this service have more information and, thus, can conduct a better follow-up.

A good cleaning service should consist of several steps:

Maid And Cleaning Service

Maid And Cleaning Service


Step 1. Garbage collection

The first and essential is to collect any excess element that appears on the floors, tables or any other facilities surface. By leftover items, we mean trash that employees may have left around the facilities. Maid and cleaning service, This aspect is essential, since it gives a terrible image for our clients or, in general, for any guest of the company that there is garbage scattered around our establishment.

It is in the bins where the greatest amount of garbage accumulates, so emptying them is also one of the cleaning company’s main tasks.


Step 2. Soil

We all agree that the soil is the part that requires the most interest. In this sense, it is not only due to the wide range of surfaces that exist but also because it is the most attractive part and to which we seem to pay the most attention. These two reasons mean that we should emphasise this step and even pay attention to the treatment that the company we have hired is doing.

A gentle treatment should be carried out if the floor is made of granite, marble, or similar material. In this case, it is highly recommended to mop, vacuum or use chemicals that are not strong. Maid and cleaning service, A neutral scrubber is the most used by cleaning companies, and it should be so since this product is the least harmful.

Floor parquet is one of the most common lately. However, wood requires special treatment. A neutral mop can also be the solution. However, this product could not achieve the ideal result since it does not care for the wood’s own shine. Therefore, it is more appropriate to use special products for parquet. Several products are appropriate to take care of the shine, so you have to make sure that the floor’s shine is not being lost.

Some companies opt for the use of carpets. The ideal care for these surfaces is through aspiration or injection processes.


Step 3. Furniture

Like the floor, the furniture must be cared for according to the material it is made of.

In this sense, we can differentiate between wooden furniture and furniture covered with a synthetic material. In the first case, special products that respect wood must be used. More specifically, a basic cleaning with a damp cloth previously soaked in a solution of water and special products for wood is ideal.  Maid and cleaning service, As the company’s cleaning, is not carried out daily. Still, the company only goes on certain days; the finish achieved with this technique may be especially suitable.

In the second case, the treatment of the surfaces is more complicated and therefore, it is necessary to be more careful not to damage them. In this case, a microfiber cloth moistened with water and a mild soap is the best solution and will give the best results.

Another key aspect regarding furniture is the cleaning of electronic devices. It is more than logical to prohibit the use of wet cloths, cloths or other utensils. Therefore, the best solution is to use dry cloths to remove the dust without damaging the electronic device.


Step 4. Roof

Most companies seem to forget that the facilities also consist of ceilings and not just floors. Therefore, many times we come across spider webs in the office and immediately blame the cleaning company. Maid and cleaning service, So that this does not happen, it is necessary that we remind the contracted company that its work is not restricted to the lower parts, but also the higher ones.

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