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My name’s Tony Burns. I’m the CEO of HPA – Helping People Achieve. Our amazing business model is made up of 68 people with disabilities and also amazing abilities as well. We’re the only organisation of its kind in the Northern Territory at the moment. We have 100 staff that work here and we’ll continue to grow. Obviously with the NDIS that’s about to grow even further. So, I think the biggest misconception out there in the community is that to employ a person with a disability is too hard, and it’s not the case at all. Any business owner wants great people to work for them, and if I can find that in the disability sector then you can be ten steps ahead of your competition. I’ve got some of the most hard-working, passionate, determined human beings that come to work every day and they just want a chance to make a difference in their life and then a contribution to the community. The impact that we see on a daily basis here is incredible and we’re super proud of what we do here.