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#1 Best High-Pressure Cleaning Services

High-pressure cleaning is an economical way to give your home a thorough clean without harming the environment.  This method can remove grime, dust, loose paint, mould, dirt and chewing gum from concrete surfaces, buildings and vehicles.  Given how effective it is, many homes and commercial property owners hire professional high-pressure cleaning services to get the job done right.

People often use high-pressure cleaning for industrial cleaning because of its effectiveness in getting rid of dirt on metal and concrete.  Using a pressure washer works for homeowners, too.  Keep reading to learn more about pressure washing and what it can do for your home or business.

High Pressure cleaner

Which High-Pressure Cleaner

A Quick Pressure Washer Buying Guide


High-Pressure WasherA pressure washer can be an effective tool to clean up your place.  You can use the trusty garden hose for pressure washing.  However, it’s not the only thing to get the job done.  An effective way to determine if your pressure washer can handle the job is to ask for the pressure per square inch or PSI and the gallons per minute or GPM.

Sprayers with higher PSI and GPM ratings are more expensive.  However, they also clean faster than those lower-priced models.  Here’s a quick guide to the correct pressure washer, depending on your needs.

On the Farm

On the FarmPressure washers can help make tasks easier for residential and commercial purposes.  However, agriculture can also benefit from this machine.  High-pressure tools are more effective in cleaning.  Also, they will use less soap and chemicals to achieve impressive results.

Tackling Small Domestic Chores

Tackling Small Domestic ChoresIf your primary purpose in using the pressure washer is to clean your car, patio, deck, outdoor furniture and grills, you don’t need a lot of power.  A light-duty pressure washer can get the job done.  Choose equipment with a GPM rating of two and a PSI rating between 1,300 and 2,000.

Cleaning Your Home and Shop

When you need a washer to get rid of dirt in your home and your shop, you need a sturdier unit with better components.  Tools with enough power will hose out all the dirt from driveways, walkways and fences.  GPM ratings for medium-duty devices will range from two to three, and the PSI should be from 2,000 to 2,800.

For Commercial Cleaning

For Commercial CleaningFor professional-grade cleaning, you need a machine with a GPM between three and four and a PSI of 2,900 to 3,000.  This equipment performs best for removing graffiti, large cleaning projects, washing two-story units and paint stripping.  For more demanding tasks, use an extra heavy-duty pressure washer with a PSI of more than 3,300.  A higher pressure cleaner can handle various projects because it is more powerful.

The Benefits of an Adjustable PSI

Some pressure washers can satisfy various needs.  A multi-duty washer makes it possible for you to adjust the pressure flow.  Some even let you change the water temperature to perform delicate cleaning projects.

Crucial Elements in Shopping for a Pressure Washer

The guide above can help you choose the best washer type for your needs.  One fundamental trick to employ when comparing pressure washers is to look at the flow rate in GPM.  The GPM helps you determine the length of time it will take to complete the project.  You can multiply this number by the pressure or PSI and use the product to compare different systems.  The high-pressure washer with the higher number can get the job done faster.

Types of Pressure Washers

There are different classifications for pressure washers.  You can group them based on how powerful they are, but you can also be classified based on the power source.

Electric-Powered Pressure Washers

#1 Best High-Pressure Cleaning Services

#1 Best High-Pressure Cleaning Services

You need to connect most light and medium-duty pressure washers to a generator or an electric power source.  These tools are practical inside the house since they require an electric motor.

Petrol-Powered Pressure Washers

#1 Best High-Pressure Cleaning Services

#1 Best High-Pressure Cleaning Services

Pressures washers with a petrol engine come in different sizes.  However, this power source is more common in medium to heavy-use washers.  These machines are ideal for outdoor use since you must consider the fumes from the engine.

Diesel-Powered Pressure Washers

Best High-Pressure Cleaning Services

Best High-Pressure Cleaning Services

Some pressure washers use diesel instead of petrol.  Like petrol-powered machines, never use these indoors because of the exhaust fumes.  Equipment under this category can be medium to heavy-duty.  Equipment under this category can be medium to heavy-duty.

Hydraulic Pressure Washers

High-Pressure Cleaning Services

High-Pressure Cleaning Services

For those engaged in farming and other agricultural ventures, hydraulic pressure washers are the best choice.  These machines don’t require fuel or a power source.  They are also light and compact.  Unfortunately, these machines are not advisable for home or garden use.

PSI Recommendations for a High-Pressure Washer

This tool can perform various functions to clean your home.  PSI ratings for a pressure washer can range from 1,000 to 4,000.  For home use, the best PSI range is from 1,300 to 2,600.   Pressure washers with a higher PSI are ideal for commercial and industrial use.

To test the washer’s pressure, use the 40-degree nozzle first on a small portion of the surface.  Since high-pressure cleaning is a powerful tool, testing it out to avoid property damage is crucial.

Pressure Washer Pumps

Pressure washers use reciprocating pumps, either piston pumps or a plunger.  It would help gauge how durable and robust it is if you asked about the pump in a high-pressure cleaner for sale.  The piston pump moves with each stroke since the cylinder seal attaches to the piston.  The piston pump’s main driver is the shaft, connecting either a wobble plate or a swashplate.

However, the seal in a plunger is at a stationary point, and the main driver is the crankshaft.  Aside from the mechanism, there are differences based on the kind of pump in use.  Wobble plate pumps have low flow rates with less than two GPM and more than 2,500 PSI.  The lifespan of these pumps is usually 400 hours.

Swashplate pumps have a higher lifespan than wobble plate pumps at 500 hours.  High-pressure washers using these pumps often use less than 3,500 PSI.  Plunger pumps are ideal for those interested in more efficient high-pressure washers.  These pumps are standard in washers with 3,000 PSI and above.  The main drawback of using equipment with this pump is the price.

Practical Household Cleaning Tips Using High-Pressure Washers

Hiring professionals to perform high-pressure washing services will save you time and effort.  However, doing the cleanup yourself is possible.  Follow these tips if.  Follow these tips if you have a pressure washer at home and time to s.

Patio and Deck Pressure Cleaning


Patio and Deck Pressure Cleaning

High-Pressure Cleaning

When cleaning the patio, clear out the entire area.  Get rid of umbrellas, furniture, plants and other decorations.  Next, follow these steps:

  • Scatter cat litter on the whole site.
  • Wait for the waste to absorb all liquids.
  • Sweep the cat litter or use a vacuum cleaner to remove all debris.
  • Apply the detergent on your patio and wait for 10 minutes.
  • If your washer has a detergent chamber, you don’t have to wait for 10 minutes.
  • Point the pressure washer downwards clean the area with broad and sweeping str.
  • Focus on cracks and crevices and rooms with a lot of grime and dirt buildup.

Window Pressure Cleaning

#1 Best High-Pressure Cleaning

#1 Best High-Pressure Cleaning

For cleaning windows using a pressure washer, here’s what you need to do:

  • Check the window’s condition.
  • Water the soil under the window.
  • Add the detergent to the washer’s reservoir.
  • Apply soap using the pressure washer and point at a 45-degree angle.
  • Rinse the soap from your windows by aiming at a 15 to 20-degree angle.

Fence Pressure Cleaning

#1 Best High-Pressure Cleaning Services

#1 Best High-Pressure Cleaning Services

For dirty fences, here’s how to clean up with a pressure washer:

  • Clear the area to remove all de, bris, light fixtures and electrical components.
  • Apply the wood cleaner from the bottom up with a low-pressure soap nozzle.
  • For stained spots, use the rotating scrub brush.
  • Rinse from top to bottom to avoid streaking.
  • Wait for a minimum of 48 hours before scaling the fence.

Pressure Cleaning Bricks and Exterior Siding

Bricks and High-Pressure Cleaning

Bricks and High-Pressure Cleaning

Use the same method for cleaning fences when dealing with bricks and exterior siding.  You can also leave the cleaner for five to 10 minutes to give your home a more thorough clean.

Pressure Cleaning Driveways and Garage Floors


For garage floors and driveways, use the same method as cleaning the patio and deck.  Be sure to remove all small items beforehand, such as plants, t, tools, and sports equipment.

Outdoor Furniture Pressure Cleaning

Outdoor FurnitureLook for a clear area away from doors and windows for outdoor furniture.  Then, follow these instructions:

  • Use a 25 or 40-degree nozzle to wash the dirt away from the table.
  • Rinse with a low-pressure spray.

It’s not advisable to use detergent on furniture: Spot clean dirty and stained areas.

Front Entrance Stairs and Walkway Pressure CleanYou You as cleaning a fence but on a flat sur for stairs and walkway space.  Here are the steps for stairs and walkways to help you out:

  • Clear out all obstacles.
  • Scatter cat litter to remove grease and oil stains.
  • Sweep to remove debris.
  • Apply detergent and leave it for five to 10 minutes.
  • Use a 40-inch spray and set the pressure to high.
  • Rinse the area section by section.

Trash Can Pressure Cleaning

Trash CanTrash bins smell bad when you don’t clean regularly.  Using a pressure washer makes the job easier and less icky, too.  Just follow these steps:

  • Use a rotating brush to apply detergent inside and outside the bin.
  • Use the 40-degree nozzle to rinse the trash can.

Safety Tips When High-Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning can be dangerous, so you might want to leave it to the pros.  If you decide to do the job on your own, take note of the following precautions:

  1. Read the entire pressure washer user manual.
  2. Wear protective equipment.  Your body parts should have sufficient protection.
  3. Pay attention to your surroundings to avoid accidents or putting someone in danger.
  4. Avoid using ladders.
  5. Don’t use a gas pressure washer in an enclosed space.
  6. Use red tip pinpoint jet nozzles with caution.
  7. Don’t use a pressure washer when tired, sick, or inclement weather.

Soft Washing vs Power Washing

Soft Washing vs. Power WashingSoft washing is an ideal way to clean your home.  You can perform it indoors or outdoors, too.  This method is applicable for cleaning the siding, the foundation and the areas underneath.  Meanwhile, power washing is only for your home’s exterior and siding.  In the hands of an inexperienced individual, power washing can cause damage to your home.  Hence, many people look for a high-pressure cleaner for hire.

High-pressure Cleaning Price List

Many cleaning companies will charge pressure cleaning costs per square metre.  Based on rough estimates, companies charge a flat fee of $150 for areas with 30 square meters or less.  Pressure cleaning prices may decrease as the area increases.  A 40 square meter area can cost $180, while a 100 square meter space can only cost $325.

Some companies will also charge by the hour.  To better estimate what companies charge, go over high-pressure cleaner reviews.

Why Power Washing the Roof is a Mortal Sin

High-Pressure Cleaning for your Roof Cleaning

Best High-Pressure Cleaning Services for your Roof

Power washing is an effective way to clean your home except for the roof.  It can withstand harsh weather conditions, but it’s not designed to take on a lot of pressure.  Power washers can strip off a layer of roof tiles and lead to ripping and tearing.  As a result, mould and mildew will accumulate at a faster rate.

Mr Meticulous High-Pressure Cleaning Services

Mr. Meticulous High-Pressure Cleaning ServicesHigh-pressure cleaning is an easy and earth-friendly way to give your home or office a thorough cleaning.  What do you need high-pressure cleaning for?  Mr Meticulous has a few suggestions for you.

Easier and Effortless Deep Cleaning

You need to give your home a thorough cleanup at least annually.  Some people refer to deep cleaning as spring cleaning.  Going out of your way to clean your home thoroughly requires a lot of effort.  You can resort to high-pressure cleaning to make it easier to clean your home’s patio, exteriors and outdoor fixtures.

Mr Meticulous knows how to use high-pressure cleaning services for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes.  Here’s what exactly you can expect from us:

Our Domestic High-Pressure Cleaning Service

Domestic High-Pressure Cleaning for Patios

Patio cleaning with a High-Pressure Cleaner

High-pressure cleaning can make it easier to give your home a thorough clean.  Our residential services include:

  • Cleaning driveways and pavement.
  • Washing houses.
  • Removing dirt from bricks.
  • Cleaning fences and stone walls.
  • Sealing pavers and concrete.

Commercial and Industrial High-Pressure Water Cleaning Services

Commercial and Industrial High-Pressure Water Cleaning Services

Commercial and Industrial High-Pressure Water Cleaning Services

Our commercial services are as follows:

Mobile: 9904 1905


Home Cleaning
Office cleaning
end of lease cleaning
party cleaning

Mr Meticulous Cleaning Services have been looking after homes and offices throughout Australia since 1995.  Our team specialises in end of lease cleaning and commercial cleaning but produce a high level of professionalism and cleanliness in any facet of the industry.  We engage highly trained and skilled cleaners who pride their results.

We offer services for cleaning your home weekly or fortnightly, for a one-off deep cleaning service or end of lease cleans.  Homes aren’t the only place we clean; builders clean, or shop fit-out cleaning services are available.  We understand all the work that goes into a building project, and the last thing you want is for messy surprises at hand over.  Our team is professional, reliable, and dedicated and will ensure your project is left spotless.

End of Lease Cleaning and our Bond Cleaning Service is something that we have become well known for.  We have completed 1000’s of end of lease cleaning jobs for individuals and real estate agencies.  Our Bond Cleaning Service not only offers general cleaning, but we also offer:

We look after everything for your end of lease clean to guarantee your bond is returned.

Mr Meticulous Cleaning Services has a cleaning team near you.  We offer seven days a week cleaning, and we’re 5 Star rated and have a 100 % money-back guarantee.  We charge only after the service and correct, fix or discuss any situation.  We are accountable; we are on all social media platforms.  We are contactable, widely known, verified and trusted.  We were cleaning in the ’90s, and we will continue into the future and beyond.

Marc Hamilton has been the owner since its inception.  Marc Hamilton started and will continue to be the face and contactable person within this business.  Always available.  We are not a faceless, contactless, unknown person behind a website geared towards share prices and company earnings.  Both Marc and our team value working for you and hold a personal commitment and interest to provide the best service possible.  We are in this together.  You are welcome to contact us on 0402 317 313 or [email protected]

Trained cleaners from Mr Meticulous cover towns and suburbs in and out of Sydney, including

At Mr Meticulous Cleaning Services, we pride ourselves on providing a complete range of professional cleaning services.  We have the best-trained cleaning technicians, promising you a high-quality cleaning service.  Our cleaning services include house cleaningdomestic cleaningcommercial cleaning, office cleaning, end of lease cleaningCarpet Cleaning and Window Cleaning.  Covid-19 Sterilisation and Sanitation for a Hygenic and Disinfected environment/workplace.

We offer spring cleaningbuilders cleaning, DEEP cleaning, and NDIS services if you also need a one-off clean.

We aim at satisfying our customers’ needs, making their home surroundings clean and dirt & dust free.

We deliver a 100% organic, chemical-free cleaning service using environmental cleaning-safe methods that bring that fresh ‘just cleaned’ feeling into your home or office.  We will also use Isopropyl Alcohol to disinfect and sterilise your office or home premises if required.

For the convenience of customers, we offer online communication ease where you can ask any questions before starting with us whether you want a quote or have a cleaning question.

With over 30 years of offering cleaning services across Australia, Mr Meticulous knows the best ways to solve and answer your questions.

You can call directly or email us to start discussing your need.

Maids and your Home

The best cleaning chemicals = Best outcomes for your Maid

#1 Wall Cleaning Services Or Clean Walls Yourself in 2021

Suppose you are conscious of quality cleaning but are constantly let down by other cleaning companies.  In that case, Mr Meticulous’s Cleaning Services teams will personally source the best cleaners for your day, time, area, and other requirements.  Our commitment to excellent service and quality results will shine on your home or office.

Our cleaners are fully insured and trained in cleaning at all levels, be it one-off, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, including window cleaning, oven cleaning, and carpet steam cleaning.  Every cleaner has been 100% ID checked so that you are safe and protected.  This is the exemplary reputation Mr Meticulous has maintained for over 30 years.

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Mr Meticulous Cleaning Services

is not matched in its cleaning performance and affordable cleaning packages.  Giving you a unique and professional cleaning experience, whether it be for your home or commercial/office cleaning needs.  End of Lease cleaning and Bond cleaning are our specialities.  With all our years and 1000’s jobs successfully undertaken, we are your go-to at the end of lease cleaning business with total bonds returned.

Strata Cleaning, Common area cleaners, Strata Managers, and Body Corp Services are all services we offer.  Due to the need for respect and attention to detail, we have specialised in making sure buildings, common areas, and grounds are serviced daily – weekly or as required by a dedicated cleaning specialists list.

Mr Meticulous Cleaning Services will be the best choice for you.  Contact us now and put a sparkle back into your life!