Marc from Mr Meticulous Cleaning want to draw your attention this youtube clip – Explains plainly and concisely what to use and how specifically to use

With hand sanitiser and disinfecting wipes disappearing from the shelves, knowing what soaps and cleaners work best against novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is essential for helping keep your household hygienic through the pandemic.

On March 24, 2020, Alison Caldwell, PhD, Bigelow Science Communication Fellow, explained what household scrubs and supplies best combat the virus.

You should check your cleaning products against the entire group of cleaners approved by the EPA to combat COVID-19 on the site (…). Always follow package instructions for how specifically to best use the perfect solution is for cleaning, instead of mix cleaning answers to avoid accidentally creating toxic combinations. Understand that many disinfectants could be harsh on your skin, lungs and eyes, and always make use of solutions at the right dilution and wear proper protective equipment, such as gloves or eyewear, while you’re cleaning.

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