Card Acceptance Requirements
You must:
1. Use reasonable care to detact forged or unauthorised signatures or the unauthorised use of a forgery of a card and
2. Take reasobnable steps to verify the identity of any other person ypu pay a memebership fee by card.

Invalid or Unacceptable Transcations
You Acknowledge and agree that NAB or Australia Post may :
1.Refuse to accept a card transaction if it is invalid or unacceptable, or may charge it back to you if it has already been processed; and
2. delay,block freeze or refuse to accept any card transcation where NAB or Australia post has reasonable ground to believe that the transaction breached
Australian law or sanctions or the laws sanctions of amy other country.

No warrenty by the club
The club does not make any warrenties in respect of the facilty to pay by the card.To the maximum
extent permitted by the law,any or all implied warrentis are excluded. In respect of any warrenty which is unable to exclude under any relevant law,the club’s liabilty in respect of breach of that warrenty is limited to the re-supply of the facility.

Exclusion of liabilty
to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the club is not liable to you or to any person for an act or omission(included negligence) that result in direct or indorect loss ,damage,injury or inconvenience you suffer because of any defecat in or failure of the facilty to pay the card.

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