Office Cleaning

The general procedure of office cleaning is to start from the top to the bottom. In this way, it will begin with the ceilings and walls until it reaches the ground. Taking this into account the complete office cleaning manual, the steps to be followed by the cleaning company are as follows:

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Safety first

The cleaning company responsible for the tasks must prioritize safety, both their own and the staff who carry out their work there. In this way, they must develop this work in any parts that we will see below and with the relevant security elements.

The cleaning company staff will be at the disposal of the appropriate footwear or work uniform. They must place the necessary signs in case the floor is wet, or a slippery product has been applied to prevent slipping.

With the chemical products used for cleaning, special care must be taken, both with their handling and storage. Also, if ladders are used, they must be secured to avoid falls and adopt suitable postures to avoid injuries.


The importance of room ventilation in offices and offices

When starting to clean the work area, the first thing to do is to ventilate the rooms to change the stale air for a fresh one that provides a greater sense of cleanliness. Renewing the air is vital for the improvement of the environment; it allows the elimination of possible odours and reduces the carbon dioxide load giving a feeling of freshness, which is the perfect component for cleaning offices.


Cleaning and removal of waste in offices

As the facilities are already being ventilated, the next step is to remove any waste or waste that may be on the company’s premises. If any of the bins or containers keep organic remains inside, it is essential to avoid the bad odours that we want to get rid of with the ventilation of the previous step.


Cleaning of ceilings and walls in offices

In this part of the office cleaning procedure, you will start with the ceilings and lamps. If you do not have ladders, you should use telescopic handles that do not put the cleaning company staff at risk. This task should not be done every week since the ceilings are the areas that collect the least dirt or dust.

Something similar happens with the walls; they do not accumulate much dirt, perhaps some sporadic footprint. It is enough to pass them a duster or damp cloth, and do not forget to clean all kinds of mouldings.


Cleaning windows and glass in offices

Cleaning facility windows is not something that should be done every week. It is another cleaning task that can be spaced over time. For window cleaning, additional security measures must be taken into account that a professional cleaning company will consider. The periodicity of this task will vary, it depends on the inclement weather or the traffic and pollution of the street where the office cleaning service is carried out.

The glass that can be found inside the facilities will be part of the office cleaning procedure more frequently, as will the mirrors found in the facilities.


Cleaning of office furniture

Furniture is one of the areas that gets the dirtiest and where you must put special effort into this type of service. Furniture naturally picks up dust over time, but, in addition, workers use their desks daily with the dirt that this entails. Ideally, wipe with a moistened cloth so that the dust remains trapped and does not swarm the environment. Appropriate products should be used if the furniture finish is made of a material that requires special treatment.

Office Cleaning 

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning


Disinfection of electronic devices

Many people who operate the same devices and manipulate the same keys several times a day can get together in workplaces. This cleaning process involves disinfecting these electronic devices to prevent the transmission of bacteria or germs that could jeopardize the health of the template.

If left unchecked, devices such as mice, photocopiers, keyboards, or telephones can be veritable nests of bacteria. In turn, this cleaning process must be carried out with the appropriate materials since they are sensitive items that can easily be damaged.

For example, computer screens can be tactile. If it is cleaned with an inappropriate cloth, it can cause erosion of the screen and affect its operation. There are kits with microfiber towels that guarantee proper cleaning. In addition, it is inappropriate to use any product that contains alcohol, as it would not comply with the provisions of the complete office cleaning manual.


The pavement

One of the last areas to take care of in this cleaning process is the floor. The techniques used in the pavement will depend on the material from which it is made. Usually, a sweep is performed in the first instance to remove material waste and debris on the surface. To finish, a damp mop is passed.

If the flooring material is delicate, such as natural flooring, you can use a mop sprayed with a spray product to avoid making you suffer. When the pavement is filthy, the double bucket technique should be used: first, the mop is done using a bucket of water with the product and then rinsed using a different bucket with just water. This technique guarantees proper cleaning, but it must be done correctly.


Cleaning and vacuuming carpets or rugs in offices

When the floor has rugs or carpets, the complete office cleaning involves vacuuming these types of elements. Anyway, it is necessary to hire a carpet cleaning in Madrid or in the city where your office is located from time to time. With this service, we get a deep cleaning to prevent the carpets from becoming a nest of filth with certain debris embedded in the fibres.

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