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Britex Carpet Steam Cleaning Machine

Britex Carpet Steam Cleaning Machine How to remove stains from carpet! Stains on your carpets can be a big problem. Whether they are caused by food, drink or even pets, it is essential that you know how to clean them up. We have compiled 10 steps to help you remove those pesky stains and [...]

Bathroom Cleaning Like A Professional (Checklist Included)

Bathroom Cleaning Like A Professional (Checklist Included) Bathroom cleaning done correctly in 2019 is essential when hygiene and sanitation are paramount. Getting one of Sydney's best cleaners will take care of this issue for you. Photo by Christa Grover on Scrubbing grubby bathroom tiles is never pleasurable. We have some tips [...]

Best Oven Cleaner in Sydney

Best Oven Cleaner in Sydney Our Oven Cleaners can save you time but may also save money.  Ovens that have not been cleaned regularly or for significant intervals often build up oil carbon, burnt meal particles, and other cooking food residues, making your Oven slower to warm up and cool off. This video below [...]

5 Best Clean House Tips’ for Pet Owners

5 Best Clean House Tips for Pet Owners Pets are angels and ideal companions. Don’t you think so? Having one around the house may be an inviting proposition but keeping and caring for a pet can get really messy and exasperating sometimes with oodles of pet hair turning up all over the place and at [...]

The Ultimate Guide on Carpet Steam Cleaning

The Ultimate Guide to Carpet Steam Cleaning in Sydney Carpet Steam Cleaning Carpet cleaning may be gruesome, but it's a necessary evil. Dirty carpets can make you sick. They can also foster all kinds of bacteria. Cleaning Carpets in 2019 has improved significantly with the latest carpet cleaning equipment. Sydney is leading the world [...]

Builders Cleaning Service

Builders Cleaning Service What is a builder’s cleaning service? A builder’s cleaning service is a full service from top to bottom. Builders should include all parts of the home, including windows, windowsills and door tracks. The builder's clean entails all aspects of cleaning in a new or renovation project. Builders clean includes areas [...]

How to remove Dampness and Mould?

How to remove Dampness and Mould? Reference Link: ABSTRACT Fungal growth in damp or water-damaged buildings worldwide is an increasing problem, adversely affecting the occupants and the facilities. Air sampling alone in mouldy buildings does not reveal the diversity of fungal species growing on building materials. This study aimed [...]

Steam Carpet Cleaning | Mistakes Made

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes in Sydney Who doesn't like her home adorned with beautiful rugs and carpets? While wigs are generally inexpensive and can be replaced easily, carpets for most homeowners are long-term investments. They are expensive and cannot be replaced every few years. So, you've got to take good care of them. While you can [...]

How to Decontamination your office or home

#1 How to Decontamination your Office or Home Decontamination services Mr Meticulous is available for a quotation or explanation, or guidance. Please get in touch with us on 9904 1905.   Decontamination (sometimes abbreviated as decon, dcon, or decontam) is the process of removing contaminants on an object or area, including chemicals, microorganisms or radioactive substances. It refers to specific action [...]

Natural Ways to Deep Clean Kitchen

Natural Ways to Deep Clean Kitchen There are several ways to deep clean your kitchen without using chemicals. The ingredients in vinegar and baking soda can be used to sanitize surfaces and absorb odours. Borax and essential oils can be used as scrubbing agents and disinfectants. These ingredients are natural and inexpensive and can be [...]

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