Hotel Cleaning Company

The cleaning and disinfection are one of the key points in the service provided to the set of rooms and units of hotels, as a strategic part to achieve customer satisfaction and therefore a production process efficient and profitable enterprise level, and hence the need to study constant improvements that make the investment in hotel maintenance and cleaning profitable.

Impeccable rooms, white sheets, showers without hairs or residues in the trash are aspects that guests indisputably claim in terms of cleanliness in hotels of all categories because although cleanliness is the greatest luxury, Hotel cleaning company but also a basic right to everyone’s reach and much more when paying for accommodation.

To achieve optimal results in hotel cleaning, it is necessary to know the number of operators dedicated to cleaning and maintenance services and the type of technological equipment with which they are equipped to find innovative solutions that provide:

Greater efficiency in applying cleaning and maintenance procedures, improving the conservation of the facilities and achieving service excellence, using human resources in functions that really require their direct intervention or customer service.

Hotel Cleaning Company

Hotel Cleaning Company

Technology at the service of the hotel cleaning company

Currently, there is state-of-the-art technology aimed mainly at hotel maintenance and cleaning services.

This is the case of control systems and positioning beacons, which capture in real-time the time spent working in hotel cleaning when cleaning each room, or the information regarding the state of dirt or cleanliness of each room. Hotel cleaning companies, dependencies through programs that allow seeing at all times even the incidents through the computer or mobile device, and that some prestigious hotel chains such as Sheraton or Hilton are already using, providing valuable information in the management of clients, of which even your preferences can be collected, in addition to linking the information between the different departments.

Another fundamental point in the technological advance of cleaning in hotels is the incorporation of cutting-edge machinery to work in hotel cleaning, such as powerful vacuum cleaners, cryogenic cleaning, disinfection with ionized water, environmental hygiene with ozonizers, cleaning with robots that help in constant maintenance, or autonomous lawn mowers for garden maintenance and automatic pool cleaning robots.

Surely in not many years, we will contemplate with amazement how automatic machines carry out all cleaning jobs in hotels without human help. Still, while this happens, human teams are essential when handling machinery and doing many hotel cleaning jobs. For this reason, you have to know how to calculate the number of operators needed to carry out cleaning and maintenance tasks for each hotel.

How to calculate the number of cleaning operators needed to achieve efficiency in the maintenance of a hotel cleaning company,

To perform the calculations and establish cleaning shifts in hotels, it is necessary to consider that there are services in a different day and night shifts and covering breaks, vacations, and absences due to illness.

Next, Hotel cleaning company, the total number of rooms that the hotel sells annually must be divided by the number of rooms that a person can clean daily to obtain the number of full hotel cleaning days to cover.

Finally, it is necessary to consult the annual effective working day that each cleaning person must carry out by agreement of the place where the hotel is located to know the divisor by which the number of annual cleaning days in hotels has to be divided, obtaining thus the number of workers required, to which we must always add a reserve worker for unforeseen events and specific situations, more supervisory personnel and a housekeeper’s position.


What requirements must hotel cleaning companies meet

Hotel cleaning company, When commissioning hotel cleaning services to expert companies in professional cleaning, a series of conditions must be required that are included in different regulations framed within the sector, as well as the conditions established in each specific project, but in general terms must request

The cleaning of hotels is carried out by companies that have quality certificates to verify the effectiveness of the services they provide.

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