Representatives Code of Conduct Agreement



It is important that all Representatives, agents, subcontractors, hereinafter called “Representatives” of Mr. Meticulous, hereinafter called the Company, maintain high moral and ethical standards. Some of these standards are set out in this Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is not intended to be exhaustive and cannot anticipate every situation, which may morally or ethically compromise a Representative or the Company. Mr. Meticulous expects its Representatives to use their common sense and sound judgement. If you are in doubt as to how you should act in any situation, you should always contact your Supervisor or Manager to seek advice prior to taking any action. All requests for advice will be dealt with confidentiality.IT IS AGREED:


All Representatives should conduct themselves according to these common-sense principles:

Always be professional and business-like, treating others with courtesy and respect.

Act honestly and fairly in all business transactions and details with others, ensuring you comply with the legal requirements of the Company's business.

Act in a way that promotes the best interests and welfare of the Company.

Comply with lawful directions you are given, timely, with due care and diligence.

It is not acceptable for you to use the property of the Company, its Representatives or the Company's business associates for your personal gain.

Do not post, distribute or comment negatively about the Company, its Representatives, associates or customers via social networking sites, e.g. email, Facebook, Twitter, MSN, chat rooms, videos, YouTube, etc.


If you suspect that any conduct has occurred in breach of this Code, or a breach of Company Rules, Policies and Procedures; or suspect that a fraudulent or other serious irregularity has taken place, you must immediately report the occurrence to your Supervisor or Manager. The Company will treat all reports with strict confidence. Failure to report a breach may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination or your employment or contractual rights.


Authority to Sign Documents You cannot sign any documents on behalf of the Company, or in any way commit the Company to any agreement unless properly authorised in writing by the Company to do so.

Company Property As a representative of the Company, you must take care when using Company property and ensure it is maintained and/or serviced as directed.
  • Never use any of the Company's property if you are impaired by alcohol consumption or drugs. You aren’t allowed to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and if found guilty disciplinary actions might be initiated against you.
  • It is not acceptable for you to use Company property, resources or facilities for non-work purposes without approval from the Manager.
  • You may not issue, loan or allow unauthorised persons to use the Company's property or facilities unless senior Management has authorised you to do so.
  • You must seek permission from your Manager before modifying or adding accessories to company property for non- work purposes.
Damage to Company Property If you damage company Property in an accident as a result of alcohol consumption, unlawful drug taking, negligence, or recklessness, you will be liable for the insurance excess and any other amount not covered by the Company's insurance policies.

Return of Company Property On termination of your employment or contract for any reason whatsoever, all Company property must be returned immediately.


During your employment or contractual relationship with the Company, you may be exposed to confidential information regarding the Company, its Representatives, members, customers and suppliers. You are expected to keep any such information confidential.

All current and former Representatives of the Company may not make improper use of confidential information acquired by virtue of their position to gain directly or indirectly an advantage for themselves, or any other person, or to cause detriment to the Company or its customers.

Confidential information includes, but is not limited to, marketing and sales plans, competitive analyses, and business and financial plans and forecasts, prospective and existing customer and employee information, software and other inventions developed or licensed by, or for, the Company and computer system and building security passwords.

You must safeguard the confidential information of the Company by not transferring, publishing, using or disclosing it to third parties other than as necessary in the proper course of your duties or as directed or authorised by the Company in writing.

All files of a confidential nature must never be left unattended and under circumstances left either on or in unlocked desks (unless the offices are locked). The disposal of all confidential papers must be done by means of the Company's security disposal arrangements.

Unless express permission by management is granted, you must not remove from the offices of the Company any documents or software connected with the business of the Company or photocopy of them for private use.

All documents and software removed from the Company's offices must HAVE THEY CONSENT OF THE MANGER OR SUPERVISOR AND be returned as soon as the authorised purpose for their removal has been fulfilled and, immediately upon the termination of employment or contract.

Unless specified otherwise by contract, all confidential information that has been entrusted to the Company by a third party (such as a customer) must be treated as though it is the Company's confidential information.
It is important for you to note that your obligations relating to confidentiality, the disclosure of confidential information and intellectual property continues to apply indefinitely after termination of employment or contract with the Company.
All confidential documents, information and resources should not disclosed outside during employment or even after termination of the agreement, If found guilty for not abiding with it, legal actions will be initiated against the person for breach of agreement 10 If found guilty for not complying with above mentioned sub clauses, the person in charge for committing the misuse will be held legally for breach of code of conduct.


Access to and use of the Company's computer systems is provided at the discretion of the Company for legitimate work-related purposes only.

Any personal use must be limited, so as to not interfere with performance of your duties or interfere with performance of your duties or interfere with, or conflict with, business duties.

All messages sent via the Company's computer systems are the property of the Company. The Company reserves the right to review all email and other computer messages and data stored in or transmitted by these systems without your consent or notice. When using these systems you should not expect the information stored or sent through these systems to be private.


Generally, the use of any Company property, facilities, information, and resources for any purposes other than the business of the Company is strictly prohibited. Some examples of your general obligations include, but are not limited to, the following: You may not:
  • Approve or make a payment on behalf of the Company for something other than the state purpose.
  • Use customer equipment including computers equipment, machinery or motor vehicles owned or controlled by a customer without the express authority from a senior manager.
  • Use any device to take a photograph, or video or cause to capture or retain any information while in the premises of a customer.
  • Use the Company’s stationery and or equipment, (e.g. photocopier, phones, facsimile, computer), or the Company’s facilities for personal use without authority from your manager.
  • Permit an unauthorised person to use Company or customers facilities; loan or remove Company property.


One of the Company’s most important assets is its intellectual property, including its software; copyrights; patents; trademarks; trade secrets; training manuals; and customer details and contacts. You acknowledge that any of the following created by you during and in the course of your employment or contract with the Company is the property of the Company and the company owns all rights to it or, where applicable, its customers and clients.

All inventions, discoveries and novel designs whether or not registerable as designs or patents including any invention of or development of improvement to software, equipment, technology, methods or techniques made solely or jointly with others; and Any business name, brand name or trademark (whether registered or not.

You agree to disclose to the company all intellectual property you create during your employment or contract with the company;

You will during and after your employment or contract relationship with the Company do all such acts and things and sign all such documents as the Company may reasonably request to secure ownership or registration rights in the Intellectual Property;

You are obliged both during and after the employment to protect the company’s intellectual property. In particular, you must not distribute copies of intellectual property or copy, download or otherwise remove Intellectual Property. If found guilty legal actions will be initiated against you for breach of agreement.


The employed person shall employ its best efforts to meet the company’s job/ task headlines and standards. He shall discuss and review any progress or status of the current assignment on regular basis with the Company


The agreement can be terminated by the company with or without any reason, giving the other party at least 4 weeks’ notice in writing in that behalf. No compensation or damages shall be payable by the company to the party in event of such termination.

The agreement can be terminated without any notice period with the mutual consent of the parties.

Upon termination of the agreement, any information and resources must be returned to the company immediately.


Any employee or other than representative shall fully indemnify and hold the company Mr. Meticulous harmless against any loss, liability, claim, penalties, costs, expenses directly or indirectly incurred or suffered by the company.

The person or employee shall compensate the company for any loss/ damages caused to Mr. Meticulous as a consequence of misconduct or negligence.


I declare that I have RECEIVED, READ, and UNDERSTAND the content of this Representatives Code of Conduct.

I agree to comply with the Company's Code of Conduct, Rules, Policies and Procedures, which also forms part of the terms and conditions of my employment or contractual obligations

I acknowledge that if I fail to comply with the Company's Code of Conduct, Rules, Policies and Procedures, this will be cause for disciplinary action to be taken against me up to and including termination of my employment or contract, and instant dismissal.

I have read and understood the above

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