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Covid-19 and the cleaning industry

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How to keep your home clean and free from coronavirus

ABC Radio Sydney By Matt Bamford Marc from Mr Meticulous Cleaning Sydney agrees with Matt Bamford with this article. PHOTO: Health authorities want residents to keep their homes clean during the coronavirus outbreak. (ABC Radio Sydney: Matt Bamford) RE As households prepare to bunker down across Australia, attention has turned to the best ways of protecting homes from [...]

Sydney cleaners protest against the firm’s job offer for coronavirus work in Japan

Broadspectrum texted workers about an ‘all expenses paid’ trip to Japan, telling some they would be cleaning the Diamond Princess cruise ship Stephanie Convery Marc from Mr Meticulous Cleaning Sydney, found this article and was horrified.  What a great read.  Some NSW school cleaners have said they were offered work by Broadspectrum to clean the [...]

Sydney Cleaners ready to Cleans your work place

Sydney work places need not worry, Marc from Mr Meticulous cleaning has done all types of cleaning before and for Covid-19 already. Call us - email us and will get your work place or home back sterile or cleansed. As fears continue to grow over novel coronavirus, many Canadians have begun stockpiling cleaning supplies and [...]

Mr Meticulous Cleaning – how to clean Covid-19 virus

About That Coronavirus Sydney Australia 02MondayMar 2020 Photo by Burst on Corona Virus being a biology blog and all leads me to conclude I should at least say something about this current pandemic and all the fear-mongering going on. My Governor has declared a state of emergency. I’ll have you know, many of us [...]

Sydney cleaning for Corona virus – Covid-19

Corona Cleaning Tips from Mr Meticulous Cleaning Sydney Covid-19 Malte Mueller Cleaning in the age of coronavirus With all the information about coronavirus coming at us at full force, it can be hard to know what to do during this admittedly scary time. Cleaning your phone, sanitising your travel gear, and cleaning high-traffic areas and surfaces in your home are all [...]

After Party Cleaning Services at your door on a click!

Are you a party choice person who likes to party or go to parties? Of course, we all like to hang out with our friends. However, when the party is going on, it is the best time, where there is live music, good food, and party items. However, the real hard work starts as soon [...]

How To Save Money On High Pressure Cleaning

How does it feel while you're strolling down your home? Does it provide you with the related truly feel as before while you 1st constructed your home? Very well, the answer is perhaps a large No. The natural way you don't really feel the identical way Most likely owing to your amassed dust, Dust and [...]

Key Benefits Of Pressure Washing

Pressure cleaning is one of the cost-effective cleaning techniques where pressurized water is used to wash the exteriors of your property. In Sydney, this method is widely used to clean roofs, driveways, walls, fences, and other things. Nowadays, this cleaning technique has become very popular because of its several advantages. Let’s discuss the top five [...]

Why High Pressure Cleaning Is Best?

The pressure cleaning industry is a business that is expanding year after year. Every year, new contractors are getting introduced, and they bring innovative and attractive services to the menu card. Whether it is carpet cleaning or gum removal, vehicle cleaning or exterior masonry cleaning, or even the cleaning of trash, high pressure cleaning is the right [...]