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Marie Kondo Method

Best Cleaning Advice ever. When you need a Deep Clean or Spring cleaning, you need the Mr Meticulous Cleaning specialist.

Life is busy enough for many people without throwing cleaning into the mix. And yet, a clean, well-organised home functions so beautifully; it can actually make our lives feel less stressful.Marie Kondo Method

 Whole-home De-clutter

Clutter in your home has many advantages. It’s simple to get and keep organised when you clear away the clutter. Keeping track of too much ‘stuff’ is problematic. Your house will perform better with less stuff to manage. For many individuals, less clutter equals less stress and greater peace of mind. However, even if you don’t use it, you must still keep your ‘garbage’ and unneeded belongings from piling up around the house.

If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in your home, taking a break is the best thing you can do for yourself. It’s necessary to take some time away from all those belongings to not feel like your home is closing in on you.

Keep only the things that inspire you and make you happy. If you haven’t used it for a lengthy time, then it’s probably not worth saving. ‘Stuff’ accumulates quickly without careful disposal.

Channel your inner Marie Kondo

Art of decluttering and Organising

Another approach to reducing clutter is to make sure that the things you keep have a place. Storage is essential, but you don’t want to live in a warehouse full of stored stuff. Make confident you have the appropriate area and containers for storing items. Consider the thing carefully if not. Is it practical and deserving of your time and effort to find a place for it?

For example, are you keeping things precisely because they have sentimental value only to you, even though they are no longer helpful? Would your friend want these items labouring underneath their bed or collecting dust in a corner?

If not, then, by all means, let them go. Storage is helpful when it’s functional and practical. Items that are rarely or never used don’t belong inside your house.

Getting rid of junk is easier said than done, although some clutter is worse than others. Getting rid of old newspapers, magazines, and catalogues can be challenging, but it’s necessary to save space in your home. There are several ways you can dispose of these items without fretting over the amount of paper in your trash.

Suppose you have piles of newspapers lying around. In that case, you can recycle them at your local recycling facility for a couple of bucks. Magazines, likewise, are recyclable in many places. Catalogues with excessive pages can be recycled by cutting off the front cover and removing any non-recyclable promotional content.

If you are not sure which items are recyclable, simply contact your local recycling facility for more information.

Use the ‘one in, one out rule to cut down on clutter too. For example, when you purchase a new sweater at retail price, give away or donate an old item of clothing because it is worn out.

By keeping a few items too many, you’ll only be incentivising yourself to fill your home with more stuff, which will lead you right back to the start of this process! The less clutter you have, the simpler it becomes to maintain order and organisation in your home.

Having a well-organized house that’s free of clutter will improve your mood and relaxation levels. Here are some tips to help you become a minimalist at heart:

  • Discard things in three piles – keep, give or throw away
  • Keep only what you truly need
  • Maintain an open closet that’s not cluttered with old items
  • Keep essential items out in the open (e.g., your toothbrush) to avoid clutter

Above all, think before you buy! Ask yourself: “Do I need this item? Do I have a place for it? Will I enjoy seeing it daily?” If the answer is no, then it’s time to let go.

Getting rid of excess items may feel like you’re parting with your favourite stuff, but in the long run, these actions will save you time and money while also giving you more space.

Donate, recycle, or sell as Marie Kondo would advise

It’s also helpful to keep track of what you’ve already gotten rid of. You might have items for sale, recyclables, or donations. It doesn’t matter if something is clutter to you; it may benefit someone else. Just make sure your heaps of stuff aren’t left lying around for too long; get them out of your house! It’s also beneficial to have things that are currently in use in their proper place.

No one needs to be reminded of this, but it’s very crucial. If you want to keep your home clean longer, do the dirty work when the dirt is at its lowest level. This means after significant events in your life or your household. For instance, if you have some guests arriving in a few days, it’s advisable to get your cleaning done beforehand. It will be more difficult after they’re here and doing all the cleanup with them.

If possible, do not clean when you are sick or feeling under the weather. You don’t want to be spreading germs all over your home.

Housework is a big part of an individual’s routine, which includes de-cluttering and cleaning. If you’re not very organised or tidy with your housework, then it might be time for a change!

Design your perfect cleaning schedule

To avoid spending an entire day cleaning your home, break up the chores into a manageable schedule. If you have other family members, you may delegate responsibilities to them. The most basic yet efficient method of organising duties is to create weekly, monthly, and annual schedules. Divide chores into daily, weekly, and monthly plans based on our cleaning plan:

Maid cleaning Service

Daily Cleaning Tasks

  • Hang up or put away cluttered clothing
  • Bed making daily
  • Wash dishes or unload the dishwasher
  • Clean kitchen surfaces (counters and stovetop)
  • Kitchen floor – sweep or mop
  • Dining room tables
  • Clean bathroom sink and toilet area

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

  • Laundry – make sure it is sunny as line drying is best
  • Bathrooms (sink, toilet, floor, and bathtub)
  • Clean kitchen surfaces (floor, refrigerator, microwave and other appliances)
  • Vacuuming Sweeping and Mopping
  • Damp dust only
  • Declutter and remove everything to bins for recycling
  • All beds get fresh linen.

You may wish to take other cleaning activities on an as-needed basis, like having your carpets and rugs steam cleaned by a professional. You’ll notice that closets and cabinets become jumbled up, so you’ll want to set aside time to tidy them up as well. Cleaning your outside windows and washing the walls of your garage can also be worked into your schedule.

Establishing a cleaning routine will make it easier to clean your home, which will help you maintain a cleaner environment throughout the year.

Depending on the condition of your own home, you may need to clean it more or less often. For example, if you have dogs, you’ll probably want to vacuum your furniture once a week. Homes with children might require greater attention to organization and cleaning.

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Tips and tricks from Marie Kondo

As you get more experienced in cleaning, you’ll discover that you’ll develop your own tried-and-true methods for getting a quick clean. Thanks to the tips listed below, until then, here are some of our suggested pointers to keep in mind while cleaning your property or apartment:

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Best Cleaning Advice ever. When you need a Deep Clean or Spring cleaning, you need Mr Meticulous Cleaning specialist.

Choosing a Starting point

Choose a starting and ending point to make cleaning a more straightforward job. Choose a time limit, such as an hour, for yourself. Alternatively, you might prioritise particular areas of your house or specific rooms.

Have cleaning products in a carrier container

It’s also easier to move your cleaning supplies from one location to the next if you use a cart. It’s why many expert cleaning companies employ carts and bags, too. Make sure your cleaning station has enough area to store your cart or bag.

Marie Kondo Meme or  Marie Kondo meaning, when looking for inspiration or guidance.

Clean as you feel inclined

Cleaning is a technique, so don’t try to combine activities together; you’ll feel frustrated and overwhelmed. Clean in phases instead of trying to do everything at once. Set aside one session for de-cluttering and another for sanitising surfaces. You may focus on one sort of task while still getting things done this way effectively.

Dust from top to bottom

Start dusting at the ceiling and work your way down. Dust accumulates on tops, so this is an excellent place to check if you feel overwhelmed or don’t have the time to clean correctly. Don’t worry about trying to vacuum everything in one go; just take it easy and do a task a day.

Make sure you cover all surfaces, so you get the job done. Clean from top to bottom and from left to right, too, so that nothing gets skipped for another time or gets missed entirely. Spritz stubborn stains with a small amount of your chosen cleaning solution and allow it to sit before wiping clean with a fresh, clean cloth.

How do you make a house cleaning schedule?

Like any other project you attempt in your home, it’s essential to start with a plan. Whether you choose to hire a company or do the work yourself, establishing a routine will improve how often and how well your floors are cleaned.

Clean in sections

Focus on one section or portion at a time to keep your workflow running smoothly. Start with the top of bookcases and work your way down to the bottom, for example. Similarly, you may focus on one room at a Time, such as your kitchen, living area, or bathroom.

Last-minute guests

A guest arrives, here are some tips to put your cleaning tasks into overdrive:


A clean kitchen is a must when entertaining guests. Many people naturally congregate in the kitchen.


Although you might be sorely tempted to dust your living room, your guests are more likely to forgive a layer of bookshelf dust than a dirty bathroom. Focus on the essentials:

● Basin sink to be cleaned

● Sanitise the toilet bowl and seat

● Fresh Hand towels + Hand soap

● Clean the bathroom floor

● Chech bathtub and shower area.

Living room / family room / dining room

Lastly, sweep, vacuum, and dust the room where you’ll be entertaining your visitors. Frequently, a quick vacuuming and clearing of trash will suffice to revitalize these rooms. If you have pets in that shed, consider de-shedding your sofa and chairs for your visitors.

Entrance / Foyer

Check for signs of clutter or filth in your doorway since this is the first thing your visitors will notice. To make a great first impression on visitors, you might want to use a room freshener and sweep the floor.


You can avoid the need to spend your weekend cleaning by making modest daily efforts to maintain and clean your house’s organisation. You’ll discover that when your home is tidy, you’ll feel less stressed and calmer, knowing that your belongings are stored in their proper spots and that your surroundings are fresh and inviting.

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