How to hire the BEST cleaning company?

1. Determine if your renovation is covered by insurance.

2. Consult a cleaning company to establish a time and date for the service.

3. Decide on additional tasks you want to have done, such as carpets stretched or tiles replaced if they have been damaged during renovations.

4. Question the company’s cleaners about what will be cleaned in your home and how this will happen (scheduled visits versus one-off cleans).

5. Check out previous customers’ reviews on sites such as Google Maps or Google reviews to demonstrate their quality of work.

6. Consider asking the cleaning company whether there are any discounts available for booking a second clean in a short period if you’re planning a party in your new home soon after moving out.

7. Clarify any additional fees that might apply, such as rates for stairs, hard-to-reach places and so on.

8. Ask whether the company will include any cleaning products or if you’ll need to provide your own.

9. Clarify how payment will be made (cash versus check versus credit card).

10. Gather contact details for the office and the person in charge of the team working on-site so you can follow up with them about anything that does not meet your expectations after they have finished working in your home.

How to find the BEST cleaner?

30 Suggestions to guide you in choosing the best cleaner for your home or office.

  1. A professional moving-out clean should involve an initial inspection of your home by a representative from the cleaning company to discuss any problem areas or items.
  2. 2. Request a quote from multiple cleaning companies before hiring one. Cleaning companies can offer different services, prices, and discounts like coupons for their benefit, which you should take advantage of!
  3. Get proof of insurance before they enter your home for the first time; this helps reduce risk if they cause damage to your property while performing their deep clean service. If you are not comfortable allowing them access to your residence, consider pressure washing instead since this does not require entering the premises to be done most effectively.
  4. Consider using post-painting touch-ups if only walls need attention; this option offers cleaner results than the cleaning company.
  5. Request pre- and post-cleaning estimations to compare the costs, time and quality of both options.
  6. Make sure you are aware of all pricing details before signing any contracts. Refer to the agreement for specific questions about warranties, your responsibility & their responsibilities or fees if they do not meet their quality standards or timeframe agreed upon at the beginning of the contract.
  7. Look out for hidden fees, such as fees for trash removal, carpet cleansing, etcetera upon move-out, especially if there is a clause that says “If you cancel after 24 hours” or something similar in your original contract.
  8. Remember that asking around with friends/family/neighbours may help you get a better quote; their previous experiences with certain companies and any coupons that may be offered will aid you in making your decision.
  9. Ensure they bring appropriate cleaning supplies like mops, buckets, brushes, paper towels, rags and other tools required to clean your home.
  10. Ensure they use eco-friendly products when possible.
  11. If you do not thoroughly read the contract or service provider’s terms & conditions before signing it, remember that most companies state in the fine print that failure to supervise them while they clean can result in additional fees if they feel anything is unsatisfactory.
  12. Remember: the more thorough and detailed you are in your instructions, the better and faster results will be achieved!
  13. Ask for a free quote; they should provide you with one before even setting foot inside your home.
  14. If anything does not make sense to you while reading the contract, then do not hesitate to ask them for clarification!
  15. Make sure that you understand their pricing carefully before signing on any dotted lines; some companies offer special discounts if you pay for several months at once instead of prorated payments throughout each month.
  16. If something sounds like it’s too good to be true, check with friends or family who may have used services like these in the past to find out if they were satisfied with their experience.
  17. If you do not feel comfortable giving them access to your home, consider pressure washing instead since this does not require entering the premises to be done most effectively.
  18. Check whether there are any pre-existing charges for accessing your property and/or performing deep cleaning tasks before signing a contract; these fees can add up quickly and may even cause you to exceed the budget you set for yourself initially!
  19. Ensure that they offer multiple options such as hourly or flat rate services because it is often difficult to get price comparisons from different companies when everyone charges differently. It helps if you know which one is preferable in terms of the payment beforehand! This way, you don’t end up paying for services that you didn’t need!
  20. Sometimes you may not have to pay a cleaning fee at all just because your tenancy contract does not allow for this clause. If the landlord agrees, they will have no choice but to let you go without paying a bond clean-out fee.
  21. Make sure that the company/person is insured and has a current GST registration number as well as a license to operate if required by your state’s law to prove their credibility and reliability.
  22. You can hire them independently or through service providers like moving companies, realtor agencies or other professional organizations so long as the agreement made between both parties suits your needs best.
  23. Some companies will require you to be present during the cleaning process, so make sure that this is acceptable to your service provider before signing any contract.
  24. Before hiring, check out online reviews and testimonials from past customers to learn more about their services, reliability and overall satisfaction rate with their company!
  25. When signing a contract, always remember that there should be no hidden charges or unmentioned rules because these could lead to disputes between the two parties involved later on down the road.
  26. If they cannot provide references or seem hesitant to do so, then beware: they may not be as reliable as other companies who can show previous clientele. Therefore, you should look elsewhere for help!
  27. Stay true to your budget and do not let anyone persuade you into going over it; remember that most companies state in the fine print that failure to supervise them while they clean can result in additional fees if they feel anything is unsatisfactory.
  28. Make sure that you stay on top of things once the cleaning begins because sometimes they can take longer than expected without informing you at all!
  29. If something goes wrong, don’t hesitate to ask for a second opinion from another company or refer back to your contract!
  30. Remember: the more thorough and detailed you are in your instructions, the better and faster results will be achieved.

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