Natural Mould removal

Natural Mould removal

Natural Mould removal



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What is the best cleaner for mould?  San-air for sure, 100% no questions.

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What kills mould permanently?… I will only use San-AIr products

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The SAN-AIR water-based gel solution for mould remediation is very advantageous. Not only is it completely bio-degradable, but it enables a unique release method for the product.

‘SAN-AIR Gel is made using 100% natural ingredients. This means that it’s friendly for the environment and safe for you. The product does not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals that could cause problems for you or your family.

We focus a lot of attention on ensuring the safety of our customers and providing directions on the proper procedure when dealing with mould.

The most significant advantage of having a gel solution is that as the gel evaporates into the air, the product eliminates any mould and bacteria that it comes into contact with. This means that you get an exceptionally thoroughly clean with minimal effort. Since it can travel through the air, the product can reach all the hard to get to places you usually would not clean.

We always recommend using the gel product for a couple of days before using the Surface Mould Remover. It will be safer for you when you get to clean. Cleaning the mould will also be more manageable.

So to summarize, the water-based gel solution is what you want because:

  • Its bio-degradable
  • It gets into all the hard-to-reach places
  • Requires minimal effort on your part – set and forget
  • Last up to 4 – 6 weeks
  • Safe to breathe for you, your family and your pets
  • It is natural and Australian-made, and manufactured.

Experience the SAN-AIR difference today

What’s best to remove black mould?, try the liquid mould gone product by san-air.

Microbial Control – MOULD AND BACTERIA

The air is where most of the germs that make us sick are located

Germs (meaning MOULD and BACTERIA) spread by attaching to micro-surfaces like dust in the air, especially indoors. Airborne transmission of germs is a far greater health risk than surface transmission.

To cause an infection, microbes must enter our bodies. The site at which they enter is known as the portal of entry. Microbes can enter the body through the four sites listed below:

  • The respiratory tract (mouth and nose), e.g. influenza virus, causes the flu.
  • The gastrointestinal tract (oral mouth cavity), e.g. Vibrio cholera, causes cholera.
  • Urogenital tract, e.g. Escherichia coli which causes cystitis.
  • Breaks in the skin surface, e.g. Clostridium tetani which causes tetanus.

If microbes reach their target site in the body, they can attach internally, multiply and make us ill.

Germs travel through air space. SAN-AIR is the only all-natural product designed and proven to kill AIRBORNE and SURFACE germs.

Mould remover

You can find canvas mould remover, or take yourself shopping to bunnings mould remover products like ajax mould remover, but on this site, we are not supporting ajax professional mould remover, as this blog is written for NATURAL


Many diseases are airborne.

Airborne microbes may stay suspended in air currents long enough to travel considerable distances. For example, sneezes can easily project infectious droplets the entire bus length. Another example is when researchers found ash from a Mexican bushfire blown to Africa by high winds.   

Many common infections can be spread by airborne transmission. An internet search can quickly find lists of airborne diseases. Here is one such list.

Airborne diseases can also affect non-humans. For example, Newcastle disease is an avian disease that affects many types of domestic poultry worldwide and is transmitted via airborne contamination.

Often, airborne pathogens or allergens cause inflammation in the nose, throat, sinuses, and upper airway lungs. Upper airway inflammation causes coughing, congestion and sore throat. This is caused by inhaling these pathogens that affect a person’s respiratory system or the rest of the body. Sinus congestion, coughing and sore throats are examples of inflammation of the upper respiratory airway due to these airborne agents.

Exposure to high concentrations of mould and bacteria can have adverse health effects starting from:

  • Constant cough
  • Itchy eyes
  • Rashes
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Brain fog

These illnesses will only worsen and possibly become permanent health problems.

SAN-AIR is cutting-edge microbial control technology for AIR and SURFACES

SAN-AIR Technology was invented through extensive research and development by our founder, Daniel Massaioli. Originally developed to address “Sick Building Syndrome “, SAN-AIRtm provides microbial control in all enclosed spaces covering:

  • Small environments such as homes, cars, small storage, boats and caravans
  • Commercial buildings, large offices, hospitals, cold rooms, transport, museums, universities, indoor agricultural, ships, submarines etc.

SAN-AIRtm is a complex mixture of science and nature that has been developed to be highly effective at safely controlling microbes. It is a unique and proprietary mix of selected Australian organic essential oils blended to produce a product with powerful microbial reduction properties at a very low dosage.

Independently tested and validated over several years. Proven performance in many business sectors.

SAN-AIR is in a class of its own to address AIRBORNE and SURFACE germs

The key benefits of SAN-AIRtm products are:

  • Highly effective natural product
  • Safe for people and pets, safe to breathe, safe to touch
  • No Toxic Chemicals
  • Independently validated by universities and private bodies
  • Food Safe certified
  • Meets requirement by US EPA absence of any toxic volatiles
  • Biodegradable
SAN-AIR for Mould and Bacteria


SAN-AIR, Clean Air

SAN-AIR was developed out of a need for natural air purification to maximize indoor health, efficiently and effectively detecting and cleansing mould and bacteria. Established by Daniel Massaioli more than eight years ago, we are now a mould expert company with an effective product range.

Daniel says ‘the air you breathe is just as important as the blood in your veins, underpinning the SAN-AIR mission.

The air within your home, office or venue needs to be clean of bacteria and moulds that can affect your health and wellbeing.

Daniel has worked within the pharmaceutical and cosmetics, agricultural, food and beverage, battery, aerosol and other industries and winning the war against mould is his aim. His family history led to the creation of SAN-AIR when his young boys had asthma, and tests found that the boys had reactions to mould and pollen. After careful research, he discovered that very little knowledge was available to combat the mould issue, and SAN-AIR was born. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Pure and Applied Chemistry, determining a resolution was viable, and products Daniel created products that are safe, natural and sustainable. SAN-AIR has conducted years of research and provided a diverse clientele, further developing our expertise.

SAN-AIR products comprise one hundred per cent Australian essential oils, so we offer a unique, safe, natural solution to your mould issue. Our mould testing kit is second-to-none. Utilizing a mould testing kit is essential to detect even the slightest mould in your space, and our safe, natural methods and products help you easily clean and maintain that area. You can sleep easier knowing that your home is safe from any airborne disease caused by bacteria and mould.

We service residential buildings, large and small offices, commercial and industrial venues, food storage, air-conditioning systems, plus plenty more properties and spaces.

SAN-AIR Products

Detection – A mould testing kit is a crucial product that SAN-AIR provides that is essential for detection. The DIY Mould and Bacteria Test Kit – For Toxic MouldSafe, Natural and effective Mould Cleaner in Sydney is critical in combatting toxic mould in your home or business. This mould testing kid can provide information on airborne, surface or water mould presence within five days. It features timely test results and two tests per dip slide (each kit has two dip slides) and will tell you where the bad spots are. A chart is provided to check whether your mould level is low, medium or high.

Cleaning – Clean your surfaces with SAN-AIR Surface Mould Remover to Safe, Natural and effective Mould Cleaner in Sydneyimmediately remove dust and dirt, which will enable mould and bacteria to grow in the right conditions. After cleaning, leave a fine mist behind the surface to ensure an ongoing impact. This product can be used on any surface, including walls, ceilings, refrigerators, floors, couches and kitchen surfaces. One bottle can treat a five-metre by five-metre area.

Prevention – The SAN-AIR gel evaporates into tSafe, Natural and effective Mould Cleaner in Sydneyhe air, neutralizing all mould and bacteria it comes into contact with. SAN-AIR stops mould from reproducing and neutralizes the mould that has entered your indoor space. Simply place a jar of SAN-AIR Mould Gone in the rooms where you feel most affected by decay. Alternatively, use the SAN-AIR Mould Gone product if you have an air-conditioner. Simply open and place inside the return air vent and run your air conditioner for a few hours. You’ll notice the differenceSafe, Natural and effective Mould Cleaner in Sydney  (remember to keep the doors and windows closed while circulating the air.

Case Studies and Reviews

We have many case studies.

One case where SAN-AIR could assist was for a client with recurring respiratory infections and asthma. Utilizing SAN-AIR products, including a mould testing kid and mould, was present. SAN-AIR was able to help by relieving the respiratory issues, reducing the likelihood of spreading infections among family members in the home and decreasing the time spent o work due to infection issues.

Another case, this time in an office environment, was when the Facility Manager requested the SAN-AIR products and utilized a mould testing kit to detect mould because of recurring sick team members. The test revealed potential Aspergillus mould contamination, which is known for causing respiratory infections, hence the office staff becoming ill and passing it to the next person. SAN-AIR was able to reduce the presence of mould through the use of the products, and the likelihood of team members getting sick was reduced!

A review on the SAN-AIR Test Kits states ‘that the mould test kit is a great product. It works exactly as the website says it does. I had a question, so I sent an email with my query. Daniel called me straight back and was very happy to help. After feeling quite stressed about my health due to suspicions of poor indoor air quality, I now feel con dent that there are steps I can take to resolve and reliable products to use. Thank you.

A review on the SAN-AIR Mould Gone Gel states, “Stops Sneezing, got musky smell under control …with-in a day they were happy and no sneezing!”.

SAN-AIR is reliable, natural and effective. The only product to use to win the war against mould!
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