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Stachybotrys chartarum[note 1] (/stækiːˈbɒtrɪs tʃɑːrˈtɛərəm/, stak-ee-BO-tris char-TARE-əm[1]), also known as black mould or toxic black mould, is a variety of microfungus that produces its conidia in slime heads. It is sometimes found in soil and grain, but the mould is often detected in cellulose-rich building materials from damp or water-damaged buildings.[2] S. chartarum was initially discovered on the wall of a house in Prague in 1837 by Czech mycologist August Carl Joseph Corda. It requires very high moisture levels to grow and is associated with wet gypsum material and wallpaper.[3]


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Growth, reproduction, and habitat
S. chartarum is a slow-growing mould that does not compete well with other moulds. It is only rarely found in nature and seldom encounters the living environment occasionally produced by human habitation (i.e., large amounts of cellulose, significant temperature fluctuations, low nitrogen, no other moulds, no sunlight, and ample constant humidity).[4] The spores are only released into the ambient air when the mould is mechanically disturbed, particularly when wet. It is considered an uncommon contaminant of most indoor air.[5]

black mould

Elimination of Black Mould

Not all strains of S. chartarum produce mycotoxins, and under certain conditions, some of these lose the ability to make such toxins over time; the presence of high indoor humidity does not imply that mycotoxin-producing S. chartarum is also present; even intense exposure in a laboratory setting of rats to vapours from walls entirely covered in S. chartarum resulted in few notable biological effects (possibly because the air contained almost no spores, perhaps because the walls were not disturbed during the experiment). In another experiment, mice exposed to concentrations of mycotoxins from S. chartarum much more significant than a human could obtain in any living environment showed no ill effects. According to one author, “These studies suggest that the concentrations of airborne spores of S. chartarum realistically obtainable in indoor air are too low to produce clinical effects.” [5][6]

Toxicity – Claims of health problems related to this:

Black Mould

have been documented in humans and animals since the 1930s.[7] More recently, S. chartarum has been linked with so-called sick building syndrome. However, the link has not been firmly established in the scientific literature.[8]

In 1994 the US Center for Disease Control verified that several infants in Cleveland, Ohio became sick. Some died from pulmonary hemosiderosis (bleeding in the lungs) following exposure to unusually high levels of S. chartarum spores.[4] A subsequent investigation by the CDC did not reveal a definitive link between mould exposure and infant deaths.

In 2007 the journal Veterinary Forum published an article reporting that two cats had died under anaesthesia in what is believed to be the first documented case of black mould poisoning in pets. The cats had been living in Florida in a water damaged home. Both cats experienced severe pulmonary haemorrhages during routine dental procedures and later died. Blood tests confirmed a toxin produced by S. chartarum, and severe mould contamination was found in the home.

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Elimination of Black Mould