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I’m Richard, and I’m the director of The Holt Bolt.

We run obstacle courses and adventures for children of all skills and needs, and we likewise have several studios around where we can develop coordination, spatial awareness, core strength and a complete collection of other skills.

We’re also an NDIS provider. I suppose the mission of The Holt Bolt is to produce a fully inclusive business, where we’re able to employ folks with all skills and needs.

Folks of most skills and needs can utilise our obstacle courses.

And our studios, folks will come and workout there.

We started working with several individual schools, and what we noticed was that they commenced to build up their skills with coordination, proprioception, and balance,
they could develop their core strength in a significant short timeframe.

We asked Richard over the years ago to employ Jack.

In those times, Jack had been placed on a brand new medication that had resulted in really significant weight gain for him.

Therefore Jack’s paediatrician was very concerned for his medical health insurance and well-being.

After a while, we went from working outside just playing to going to the playgrounds, to get him on an obstacle course, and getting him in the studio and he now does full weights programs in the studio.

So that it is pretty amazing to visit a one who goes from idle to active within, probably, six months.

For us, getting the funding from NDIS has been fabulous, because it’s enabled us to keep this program.

And we’ve seen many such advantages, that it had been crucial for all of us to continue his program.

The most substantial changes are with Jack’s physical and mental well-being.

Significant changes in his capability to manage to control his thoughts and his mood.

We’ve also seen some incredible improvements in his self-esteem and his confidence, and it offers you an excellent sense of expecting what he can perform and what his future’s likely to entail.