Cleaning services for NDIS participants

Cleaning services for NDIS providers

Cleaning services for NDIS providers

Mr Meticulous Cleaning is proudly part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We work with support services and families across Sydney, providing cleaning services to people with disabilities. We offer a variety of services that can assist participants in managing their homes as seamlessly as possible.

You can expect support from NDIS support staff and, in addition, self-managed participants to locate a local company that’s an expert within their industry. Our office can help create a plan to match each individual to ensure their needs are met. We also give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee with our services; we won’t disappoint you.

Our main priority is to boost participants’ lives by helping them control their homes with a variety of services. Our services could be completed as daily, weekly, monthly, or once-off visits.

NDIS Cleaning Services to Match Every Individual’s Needs

Cleaning services for NDIS participants

Our goal is to help participants achieve their goals within their plans and gain independence in their lives. We know that each domestic setting requires different and specific measures to ensure the participant can achieve set goals.

We wish all participants to feel empowered to select how they wish their services to be delivered, and that’s why each visit will be tailored to the needs of the participant that day. We inspire open communication with all providers, self-managed participants, and cleaners to ensure each visit is successful.

We Provide Affordability
Our experienced cleaners dedicate themselves to doing the perfect job for you. We also only use police-checked cleaners so that you can feel completely safe and confident letting us into your house. Cleaning Services for NDIS providers.

Furthermore, we are fully insured, providing total protection for you, your loved ones, or your business. You can feel assured that people adhere to the best safety standards, and we won’t obstruct you—we try to cause the least disruption for you as we work if you are on the premises while the job is occurring.

Cleaning services for NDIS participants

NDIS registered removalists in Sydney

Cleaning services for NDIS providers

Cleaning services for NDIS providers

Mr Meticulous Cleaning has been in the same family for now over 25 years. We are servicing all of Sydney and its suburbs.

Mr Meticulous Cleaning’s manager is Marc Hamilton, and as owner and director from 1995 to 2020, this year, you will be in no better hands.  This year, 2020, with all the Fires – floods, COVID-19 pandemic, and us all being locked in – locked down, the time has never been more severe to get our homes, health, and work environments right – sterilised and hygienically attended to by trained and responsible cleaners.  Marc always states that 2020….. that’s the year we get health and hygiene RIGHT.

Mr Meticulous Cleaning is a premium cleaning services company with a highly trained and skilled team of cleaners who service the inner and more full Sydney area. Mr Meticulous Cleaning specialises in both house cleaning, bringing the sparkle back into your home, and office cleaning, which includes such entities as daycare centres, strata buildings, schools, clubs and any size of office. Cleaning Services for NDIS providers.

We are skilled in commercial cleaning and will provide our services as needed. We also offer standalone or combined carpet and window cleaning for the home and any commercial building. Mr Meticulous Cleaning has been helping its customers with their cleaning needs for 25 years and maintains the highest standards of cleaning, using non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Our team of trained cleaners maintain the reputation and attitude of Mr Meticulous Cleaning, offering you the highest standard of cleaning with a positive, non-intrusive approach.

To receive a quote, or book your clean with us, in 9904 1905. or easier by [email protected]

Mr Meticulous Cleaning has offered home cleaning services in Sydney for 25 years, with many long-term happy clients. Cleaning Services for NDIS providers.
No job is too big or too small, and we are unique in that our team of cleaners care personally about providing you with excellent cleaning results, as opposed to just being there to do a job.

We would love to welcome you as a Customer and invite you to call us for a quote or to book us on 9904 1905. We will respond to any enquiries on the same day.  [email protected]

NDIS gardeners near me

Cleaning services for NDIS providers

Cleaning services for NDIS providers

Cleaning services for NDIS participants

          Mr Meticulous Cleaning –Sydney will put the sparkle back into your home – office!

Office Cleaning Services in Sydney

At Mr Meticulous Cleaning, our specialised services include Office Cleaning Sydney. We have trained our cleaners to be skilled in the cleaning requirements of any Office environment, ensuring you receive a thorough and clean result.  Marc from Mr Meticulous Cleaning states, that it’s no longer good enough to dust and place the dishwasher on and lightly clean a hand basin and call a workplace clean.  You need to get in, use modern cleaning chemicals that eat bacteria, destroy spells, and eliminate smells. If you are ready for a service that is more than moving coffee cups, contact us.

We will tailor our office cleaning services to your specific needs. Having first inspected your premises and spoken with you about what it is you are looking for. Our quote will be competitive and is accompanied by a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

End Of Lease Cleaning Services Sydney

Cleaning services for NDIS participants

Mr Meticulous Cleaning is Sydney’s preferred end-of-lease cleaning company. It ensures a prompt and professional exit clean once a tenant has moved out.

Mr Meticulous Cleaning understands the importance of providing a spick and span, detailed clean before new tenants are to move in. Cleaning Services for NDIS providers.

Property owners, managers, and former Tenants can feel confident that they will receive a cleaning result that will make the transition smooth to exiting and doing the correct clean, thus helping to get the BOND monies refunded. The new tenants are moving in, and the previous tenants are in their bid to receive their bond back.

For that stress-free end-of-lease experience, you can trust us at Mr Meticulous Cleaning Services Sydney.

Bedrooms and Living Area Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning, Cleaning of Walls, Vacuuming, Mopping, Wet Areas Professionally Cleaned, Mould, Removal, Kitchen Cleaning, Oven Cleaning, Balcony Cleaning, Blind Cleaning, Ceiling & Eaves Cleaning.

Is Jim’s mowing NDIS approved?

Maid cleaning Service

Your local Maid for you

Real estate investors can feel more secure about their investment properties after completing a cleaning makeover as their tenant transitions.

There is no match for the professional dedication and finished results from our end-of-lease cleaning services in Sydney. Our team have been trained to have an eye for detail and a personal standard of excellence.

Call Mr Meticulous Cleaning, End-of-Lease Cleaning Sydney, on 9904 1905, whether you are the Tenant, Property owner, or Property manager, and obtain a competitive quote tailored to your specific needs.

In Sydney, in 2020, we will have cleaners in these areas to help you with your home and office.  Get in touch now.

If you want to book with us, please call us at 9904 1905 or email us at [email protected]

End of Lease Cleaning

Cheapest and best cleaners near you.

NDIS house painting

Cleaning services for NDIS providers

Mr Meticulous Cleaning for NDIS provider

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a scheme of the Australian Government that funds costs associated with disability.[6][7] The scheme was legislated in 2013 and went into full operation in 2020.[7] The scheme is administered by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and overseen by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission (NDIS Commission).[7]

The scheme entitles people with a “permanent and significant” disability (under the age of 65),[8] to full funding for any “reasonable and necessary” support needs related to their disability (subject to certain restrictions). Funding is allocated to the individual, and the individual or their guardian chooses which providers supply the funded goods and services (subject to certain restrictions). Cleaning Services for NDIS providers.

The scheme is entirely publicly funded: recipients do not purchase or contribute to an insurance policy. The scheme is not means-tested. The word ‘insurance’ refers to the scheme’s use of proactive insurance principles to manage long-term financial sustainability, and it aims to ‘insure’ any citizen will have costs covered in the event they are born with or acquire a disability.

Individual NDIS funding is independent of the Disability Support Pension and universal health care. NDIS legislation distinguishes health care and disability supports, only the latter being within the remit of the NDIS. In addition to funding for individuals, the scheme funds some general ‘information, linkages, and capacity building (ILC) programs.


The first stage of the NDIS aimed to provide reasonable and necessary support for people with significant and permanent disabilities.[48]

Supports funded by the NDIS are split across three areas. “Core Supports” include everyday consumable items such as continence aids, personal care assistance, support with social and community participation and funding for transport.[49] “Capacity Building” is intended to build the person with a disability’s independence and ability to manage their own life.[50] The “Capital Supports” budget is intended for very expensive assistive technology and home or vehicle modifications.[51]

The first year of the launch service:

  • about 3,000 people were initially drawn from the NSW local government area of Newcastle
  • about 1,500 children with disabilities in South Australia from birth to 5 years of age
  • about 800 eligible young people aged 15 to 24 in Tasmania
  • about 4,000 people in the Barwon area of Victoria, including the local government areas of the City of Greater Geelong, the Colac-Otway Shire, the Borough of Queenscliffe and the Surf Coast Shire, and
  • the ACT getting ready for launch to support 2,500 residents from July 2014.

The ACT became the first state or territory to complete an NDIS rollout.[52]

The number of people assisted rose to 20,000 people with disabilities by 2015. Participation has been recommended to increase to 410,000; however, this figure remains uncertain.[53] There are two main entry points to the NDIS: Early Childhood Early Intervention for those under 6 years old and the general scheme for those between 6 and 65 years of age.[54]

The NDIS is administered by the National Disability Insurance Agency.

In 2017, NDIS had an annual budget of $700 million for specialist disability accommodation, which was used to house 28,000 people with high support needs.[55]

As of 2015, over 7,000 young disabled people lived in aged care homes.[56] One goal of the NDIS is to get younger people with disabilities out of residential aged-care settings.[57]

Therapies to treat dysphagia (swallowing difficulties, potentially life-threatening) were funded under the NDIS until late 2017, when they were discontinued.[58]

Healthcare for NDIS recipients

Cleaning services for NDIS participants

There has been a call for critical analysis and evaluation to ensure the integration of the NDIS and health system.[59] Currently, primary care and the public health system act in isolation and there is a call for integration to improve health outcomes. Rather than being person-centred and holistic, the current lack of collaboration has resulted in siloed care by separating disability and health conditions. Cleaning Services for NDIS providers.

NDIS participants suffer chronic and severe illness at a much higher rate than the general population, from an earlier age and frequently with greater associated cognitive, social and financial disadvantages. The emergence over the last decade in Australia of patient advocates has shown they deliver better outcomes, fewer hospital bounce-backs and better case management (neither complex care nor case management is remunerated to GPs by Medicare).[citation needed] Funding options for NDIS participants for expert healthcare support exist within individual plans according to goals and needs.

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Mr Meticulous Cleaning for NDIS provider

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Cleaning services for NDIS providers

End of Lease, Bond Cleaning, Deep Cleaning

Introducing: Mr Meticulous Cleaning Services

Mr Meticulous Cleaning Services has looked after you and your friends and families homes and offices throughout Australia since 1995. We engage highly trained and skilled cleaners who take pride in their results. Our team specialises in end-of-lease cleaning and commercial cleaning but produces a high level of professionalism and cleanliness in any facet of the industry.

We offer services for cleaning your home weekly or fortnightly, for one-off, deep cleaning services, end-of-lease cleans, and Bond cleans. Homes aren’t the only place we clean; end-of-builders clean or shop fit-out cleaning services are available. Cleaning Services for NDIS providers.

We understand all the work that goes into a building project, and the last thing you want is messy surprises at handovers. Our professional, reliable, dedicated team will ensure your project is spotless.

End of Lease Cleaning and our Bond Cleaning Service are things we have become well known for. We have completed 1000s of end-of-lease cleaning jobs for individuals and real estate agencies. Our Bond Cleaning Service not only offers general cleaning, but we also offer:

  • Deep Cleaning
  • Strata Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Mould removal
  • End of Builders Cleaner
  • Steam Cleaning Carpets
  • High-pressure cleaning
  • Event or Party cleaning
  • Window and Glass cleaning
  • Oven – Stovetop and Rangehood detailing
  • High-pressure cleaning

We look after everything for your end-of-lease cleans or Bond cleans to guarantee your Bond is returned. Email Enquiries welcomed

Mr Meticulous Cleaning Services has a cleaning team near you. We charge only after the service and will correct, fix, or discuss any situation. We offer cleaning seven days a week, and we’re 5-star rated on Google, the most powerful and trusted search engine for reviews and social proof that I would put my trust in. With a 100 % money-back guarantee, you can not go wrong.

We are accountable; we are on all social media platforms. We are contactable, widely known, verified, and trusted, and we are reviewed on Google and other platforms, with outstanding reviews from clients using Mr Meticulous Cleaning Services.

We were cleaning in the ’90s, and now the 000’s, and we will continue into the future and beyond. Cleaning Services for NDIS providers.

Marc Hamilton has been the owner since its inception in 1995. Marc started and will continue to be the face and contactable person within this business. Always available. We are not a faceless, contactless, unknown person behind any website geared towards share prices and company earnings. Marc and our team of dedicated cleaners value working for you and are committed and interested in providing the best service possible. We are in this together.

Mould Removal, Mould remediation, and mould Elimination Email us at Mr Meticulous Cleaning.

NDIS Cleaners in Dawes  Point 2000 Sydney

Mould Removal, Mould remediation, and mould Elimination Email us at Mr Meticulous Cleaning.

NDIS Cleaners in Dawes Point 2000 Sydney

Wardrobe Dehumidifiers:

Plug in dehumidifiers that warm the space, reduce relative humidity, and reduce the risk of reaching dew point temperature, which in turn causes condensation:

Natural Mould cleaning options

Mould Remediators:

I.e., Fogging or Ozone are not recommended as standalone treatments as these procedures do not physically remove the mould, and dead mould can still negatively impact health.  These treatments may carry additional health risks. Cleaning Services for NDIS providers.

It is essential that you carefully question remediation companies before engaging them.  You can find a list of IICRC Certified Mould remediators by following the link below.  Look for a remediator with the following Certifications:

Remediation Companies with IICRC Certifications (S520 & S500):

Pure Protect (familiar with remediation for CIRS patients) Rob Seymour 0450 103 900

Steamatic: Stephen Williams, Assessment Manager – 0408 176 820 (Provides free quotation service)

Prime Restoration Services: Omar Ayad – 0412 547 547 (Charges $750 to develop the scope for remediation)

Mould Rescue – 0425 044 501

Mr Meticulous Cleaning for NDIS provider

Cleaning services for NDIS participants