Pets are angels and ideal companions. Don’t you think so? Having one around the house may be an inviting proposition but keeping and caring for a pet can get really messy and exasperating sometimes with oodles of pet hair turning up all over the place and at times having to drive out intruding insects.

You need not fret anymore, for here are some great tips that will allow you to keep pets as well as have a clean and neat house. To know more read on.

1. To keep you house clean of pet hair, train the animal to rest at a assigned spot.

I A pet dog or cat hair can be a health hazard in your house. To contain pet hair from finding its way to all places of your home, the animal needs to be trained to occupy a specified place in the house. Placing a towel or a rug wherever the pet likes to rest can help containing the hair that animals keep shedding every day. And before you throw it in the washing machine, shake it outside the house to dust it off the hair on it. Brushing and grooming your pet regularly also helps to collect the loose hair before the animal sheds it.


2. Clean the floor and furniture periodically.

Pets tiptoe around the house noiselessly, shedding hair, saliva and sometimes wet muddy paws can mess up your place. To remove stubborn pet hair from carpeted flooring needs an heavy duty vacuum that needs to be applied to the entire space two to four times a week in full suction mode. Adding an HEPA filter accessory to your vacuum cleaner can be of much help. If you have tiled or wood flooring, you may skip vacuuming the area and instead get an electrostatic mop.

3. Keep the paws of your pet clean.

Taking your pet out for a stroll on a morning walk or for letting it run wild in the community park is a favourite pastime for any animal lover but having your home littered with muddy paw marks can ruin the fun. Mr Meticulous, the best cleaning company in Sydney, has a simple remedy to keep the pet paws clean and save the house from being dirtied up by an animal on the loose. At the entrance to your house, place a shallow container that is half filled with water and have a towel placed on a stand nearby. Before letting your pet into the house, dip the paws into the water and then rub them dry with the towel. This little effort is a great practice that keeps the pet healthy and helps you to maintain a clean home.


4. Clean all pet stains quickly:

Never let a pet stain rest on your carpet area or on other surfaces for long. Remember, the stain of pet urine can permanently damage the colour of your carpet. If the stain is a dry one, remove the solid residue with a knife that is not too sharp to avoid cutting through the rug. Only after removing the stains should the process of general cleaning of the carpet be done. And carpet cleaning is a tedious task that all our not able to do by themselves. If you need a professional carpet cleaning service, Mr Meticulous, located in Neutral Bay, is the best cleaning service provider in Sydney.

5. Pet-safe upholstery can save up a lot.

Those who have pets know that animals love the mischief of tearing up sofa’s, scratching cushions or wearing out your favourite chair by insisting to have taken ownership of it and using the seat as a regular resting and sleeping place. While you cannot really do anything to them for such lovely innocence, you can definitely change the furniture covers and other upholstery by using pet-safe ones. Such material is easily cleanable, lose hair can be dusted off, can withstand tear stains and cannot be easily scratched. By using animal friendly upholstery is very convenient in keeping the house clean in spite of having these innocent beasts at home!


These tips for keeping a house with pets safe and clean are indeed handy but should your home require a major seasonal, or a half yearly cleaning, do consider engaging a professional cleaning service. Feel free to call us up at this number 9904 1905 . Our team shall get in touch with you, and provide you an on-site free inspection for house cleaning in Neutral Bay as well.