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What would you say if we told you that you could clean a fair amount of your home during commercial breaks? It’s true. The average Australians watch about five hours of television per day. Take into account the fact that there are around 14 minutes of commercials per one hour of TV, and you’re looking at 70 minutes that could be used tidying up.

  1. Clean the Toilet
  2. Here’s a quick cleaning tip that’s a win: Squirt the cleaner in the toilet during a commercial break and resume watching your true-crime documentary. Tackle the scrubbing during the next round of ads.

  3. Knock Out Those Breakfast Dishes
  4. Aside from being the most important meal of the day, breakfast often produces the least dishes. Watching some weekend morning TV? Wash those yogurt bowls and coffee mugs during the commercials so you don’t have to deal with them later in the day.

  5. Make the Bed
  6. Tidying up your bed takes little time at all. When that next commercial break interrupts your favorite medical drama, head to the bedroom to make some hospital corners on your sheets.

  7. Pack Lunches
  8. Unwinding with some late night talk shows? Get tomorrow off to a smooth start by using those commercial breaks to pack up leftovers, cut the crusts off the kids’ PB&Js and dole out apple slices.

  9. Do Some Laundry
  10. Laundry may very well be the easiest chore out there. Maximize the time during commercial breaks by sorting clothes, placing them in the washer and loading the dryer. Bonus: You can fold clean clothes while you watch your shows and put them away during another batch of ads.

  11. Scoop the Litter Box
  12. It’s easy to avoid this unappealing task. After all, you’re literally scooping poop. To be honest, though, the task really doesn’t take any time, and your BFF (best feline friend) will definitely appreciate it if you add this to your chore list ideas.

  13. Wash Pet Bowls
  14. Spike and Mittens like clean dishes, too. When annoying ads disturb your big cat nature programs, show your furry friends’ food and water bowls some TLC. Hand wash them, dry them and maybe surprise your pets with a quick treat.

  15. Take the Trash Out
  16. You know what stinks worse than those endless pharmaceutical advertisements? A trash can that needs to be emptied. During the next commercial break, pop on your shoes and carry that smelly trash outside.

  17. Tidy Up
  18. Commercial breaks provide the perfect opportunity for bringing a little bit of organization to your home. In the span of a few ads, you can sort through junk mail, get your recycling in order, put away dinner dishes and more. If you don’t feel like leaving the couch, you can even clear the clutter on the coffee table. You can’t beat working from the couch!

  19. Wipe Something Down
  20. The dinner table. Your kitchen countertops. A bathroom sink. The hallway mirror. Any of these items can be quickly wiped clean in the time it takes those ads to play. What are you waiting for?