“What you need to know when hiring a cleaning company for your strata corporation.”

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Make sure you know what the contract includes, how often they clean your strata common property. Do not pay for services upfront if possible, and make sure that all chemicals are eco-friendly so they will not harm anyone or the environment. If you have any problems with pests, talk about it right away as this could cause damage to your unit, which would cost more money in repairs, not just getting rid of them! When hiring a cleaning company for apartment complexes, always check their references because at the end of the day these people will be entering into your home where only certain ones should do such work like tradespeople, cleaners etc… It is essential to go through an established company too that has given themselves upfront prices and estimates. Strata cleaners should be insured and licensed to operate in your strata complex too.

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Tradesmen etc…, In some instances, only they can enter a unit for repairs or changes/additions to the property without having prior approval from the owner’s corporation first. This is called a right of entry permit, which you will give them if required by law. Sometimes this job falls under a tradesman’s license as well, so make sure anyone doing any work on your behalf has one before allowing them access to do such work. When hiring someone, always check their references because these people will be entering your home where only certain ones should do such work like cleaners, tradespeople etc.

References from Strata Block Owners or Leaseholders of the apartment complex you live in. These people will be able to tell if a particular company does a good job and how they interact with other residents, which is also essential because most strata complexes have issues when one owner starts doing things without approval from all owners, for example, renovations which may cause problems later, so it is best to avoid any future conflicts between fellow condo cohabitants by choosing the right person for the job. When hiring someone, always check their because at the end of the day these people will be entering into your home where only certain ones should do such work like cleaners, Strata Cleaning Companies Strata Block Strata Complexes etc…

What task will Strata block cleaners do?

  1. Strata cleaners will help you take care of the general hygiene and cleanliness in your strata corporation. For example:
  2. Clearing out litter from common spaces like lobbies, hallways, and even outdoor areas (if applicable)
  3. Cleaning up public bathrooms or shared laundry facilities, including dusting mirrors and cleaning/changing light bulbs as needed. They might also quickly wipe down the inside top surfaces of cabinets if there is any build up over time. This may need to be done weekly depending on usage levels at certain times throughout each year, so they must come when requested by those who manage these facilities.
  4. Cleaning windows both indoors and outdoors and clearing cobwebs off any light fixtures in common areas. Strata cleaners may also clean outdoor furniture and benches, but this is usually up to the strata manager or board of directors.
  5. Cleaning all doors inside and out, including removing smudges from around door handles/knobs, as well as cleaning exterior surfaces that are regularly touched by people entering your Strata building – these can include front entry doors mailboxes at street level, elevator buttons etc. If there are glass panes within entryways – they will be cleaned too!
  6. Cleaning hallways with a mop where necessary (usually only if it is needed). These should not need mopping more often than monthly unless spills frequently occur due to pets / young children who live in the Strata building.
  7. Strata cleaners will also do a quick overall sweep of outside areas, including parking lots, pathways and surrounding grassy surfaces that are accessible to the public if applicable. This is usually done once per week but may vary depending on the frequency of use by residents or other people in your Strata complex.
  8. Finally, any windowsills/ledges inside common spaces should be dusted with an appropriate cloth type for these delicate surfaces – this includes frames around mirrors etc… Specific tools are used only for window cleaning purposes, so strata cleaners need to know which type of brush or cloth they can safely use on different types of glass surfaces without causing damage!

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Should always be carefully vetted. Strata block cleaners should have much experience and provide references from previous clients and a detailed list of services offered. Strata blocks are usually a more challenging environment than your average home or office, so the cleaning company you select must have specific knowledge tailored for strata living. Strata members often have very different ideas about what constitutes “clean”, so choosing an appropriate service detail can also help avoid conflict within the community.

– Strata corporations typically need special care when they hire cleaners

– There are many benefits to hiring professional strata cleaners.

– If you would like some advice on choosing between various strata cleaners, you can read our article.

Strata cleaning services usually include: 

Strata block cleaners should provide references from previous clients and a list of the specific strata related services they offer. Strata members often have different ideas about what constitutes “clean”, so choosing an appropriate service detail is essential to avoid conflict within the community. Strata corporations typically need special care when hiring cleaners because many more factors are involved with keeping a multi-unit property clean than just your average home or office. There are numerous benefits associated with hiring professional strata cleaners, such as avoiding potential disagreements between neighbours, getting any needed repairs done faster by having a cleaner environment for contractors to work in, and avoiding the costs of fines for not meeting strata bylaw cleaning requirements. If you are interested in learning more about how to choose between various Strata Cleaners, please read our article “How To Choose Between Strata Cleaning Services.” Strata cleaning services typically include: dusting all surfaces throughout the home/office, vacuuming carpets and rugs if present, wiping down countertops with disinfectant solution or multi-purpose cleaner depending on preference, scrubbing bathrooms with toilet brush including baseboards and sink surrounds, as well as retiling grout if it has become dirty through neglect (and only after determining that this is a service required by your association’s regulations), mopping floors disinfectant solution unless otherwise specified by the strata corporation, cleaning glass surfaces like mirrors and windows with streak-free cleaner or newspaper depending on preference, etc. Strata cleaners will also empty trash bins of both recyclables and garbage and take out the compost if applicable.


Strata block cleaning is a great way to maintain the value of your property while also ensuring that you live in a clean and hygienic environment. Strata corporations often hire cleaners for strata blocks which can help with all sorts of tasks, including carpet cleaning, window washing, and even servicing the pool area. The following information will give you some valuable insights into what services should be expected from these companies, so you know exactly what to expect when hiring them for this task.

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Strata blocks should be cleaned at least once every six months. This is a good rule of thumb to follow as it ensures that you do not have too much time between cleanings but also gives the cleaners enough time to focus on other vital areas such as windows and carpets instead of just cleaning out your bins regularly

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The following list includes some examples of tasks that may be included in an overall package from these companies: – Strata appliances maintenance. Please note, however, that this will vary considerably depending on what exactly needs servicing inside each unit, so make sure you ask specifically about any appliances or fixtures at home before making contact with them. On average, expect window washing services around four times a year, and for this, carpets to be cleaned twice a year. – Strata Block Cleaning Company.

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Furthermore, Strata cleaning tips: When hiring a Strata Cleaning Company for your Strata Block, you want to make sure that the company is reputable, friendly, professional and offers excellent customer service. You will also need to ensure they have experience in Strata Cleaning as well as expertise.

Strata Corporation cleaners should be able to offer advice on what items can or cannot be cleaned through a chemical application such as window tracks etc., and ovens may require special care with caustic chemicals due to their heat resistance which will damage most other surfaces. Each strata corporation has its own rules and regulations, so the Strata Cleaner must follow them closely while doing their work!

An experienced cleaner knows how long each job takes and how to use their time efficiently. Strata cleaners should offer a free quotation on the work they will undertake, take away all rubbish at the end of each job – make sure it is environmentally friendly!

Strata Cleaning Tip:

Book your Strata cleaning early in Spring while temperatures are still low. This ensures that you are not doing spring cleaning when large amounts of pollen are in the air, which can quickly dirty surfaces, making them harder to clean later down the track!

A good strata cleaner knows what products are best suited for different types of Strata blocks, e.g., wooden vs stone floors etc., and an experienced Strata Company owner has worked with many kinds over time, so do not be afraid to ask. What Strata cleaners do they prefer to work with!

Strata Cleaning Suggestion: Whilst you are looking for a Strata Block cleaner, keep in mind that the company should have access to all chemicals needed, such as floor polish and degreasers. You will also want them to carry their equipment such as mops, buckets etc… Additionally, there are times when large items will need transport, so make sure your Strata Company has a big truck for this task.

Finding A Strata Cleaner for Your Strata Corporation Is Easier Than Ever Before with Online Search Engines Like Google And Bing Not Only List Results By Area But They Also Have Categories To Filter Even Further Such As “Strata Cleaners”