Benefits of choosing professional commercial cleaning

Why Office Cleaning Service in Sydney is to be done by professionals

Running a commercial and corporate unit is not short of challenges. One needs to look after every area so that things remain seamless and transparent. For maintaining a good looking office one needs to clean it with care. The best possible option would be to go ahead and hire Mr Meticulous Cleaning in Sydney.

We will take up the onus of doing the needful without causing any delay. In the yesteryears, the employees in a particular office used to do these extra tasks all by them but caused a delay in overall productivity. Here we would discuss how office cleaning services are ideal for you.

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  • Office cleaning improves the overall health of the individuals out there

Colds along with germs and other illness tend to spread like wildfire through the office and other public buildings. Keeping your building clean will drastically reduce the spread of such disinfectants. Regular cleaning decreases the amount of sickness and the overall work culture remains motivated and cheerful.

  •  Improves and improvises productivity

An uncluttered working area eventually slows the overall level of productivity. It becomes difficult for the employees to work in an uncluttered area. Every employee feels comfortable at their desk and they feel the positive values.

  • It improves customer satisfaction

Individuals are not very comfortable visiting a professional ambience which is cluttered. A messy office is symbolic of unprofessionalism and messy nature. The professional company will ensure that your company turns out to be the cynosure of all eyes. They make use of the latest technological progression that will enable to pull out stubborn grime along with mites. Every nook and cranny will be looked into with care.

Professional cleaning can be a very funny thing. When you have the right cleaning team, you and your employees will remain at ease. Your employee will arrive at an office which remains free from trash and dirt. They will do it all. Be it floor scrubbing in Sydney or looking after some other areas, you can trust them in a blindfolded manner.

Benefits of choosing professional commercial cleaning

Benefits of choosing professional commercial cleaning

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Different kinds of commercial cleaning products and janitorial equipment are used by professional companies to clean and maintain offices, retail stores, hospitals, institutions and other commercial buildings in Perth. Want to know what those products and equipment are that they often use? Have a look below to know about them and how effective they are:

Floor Squeegees: Floor squeegees can clean & dry floors in a single motion. It is ideal for high-traffic regions that are prone to slip-and-fall accidents. Usually, in areas where water is likely to gather and lacks drainage, these squeegees work best. They can move a huge amount of water from different kinds of floor surfaces very quickly thereby reducing the risk to fall. A 22-inch water wand is used for removing water in mid-size garages, kitchens and different other settings. A 30-inch water wand is used for industrial environments & huge area clean-up. It is also used to apply a sealer to the decks and driveways.

Sponge Scrubbers, Sponges and Hand Pads: Professional companies use sponges and scrubbers to handle different kinds of cleaning jobs like the removal of stubborn marks from wallpaper and drywall without abrasives or chemicals, removal of stuck-on food from utensils, cleaning up of spills & messes, lifting finish from the floors and such others. Some kinds of sponges & scrubbers go great with cleaning products whereas others are used dry.

Graffiti Removal Products: Graffiti is often problematic & upsetting. However, with the use of the right cleaners graffiti is removed by commercial cleaning companies in Perth. The professionals often use graffiti removers in different forms including soy-based gel, an effective paste, a water-based spray and convenient wipes and make cleaning a worry-free affair. By using these powerful graffiti removers they remove stubborn stains like stains made from marker, ink, crayon, ballpoint pen and lipstick, which you could never even think of removing.

Air Fresheners: Commercial cleaners very well know the importance of aroma in a well-cleaned space. It is for this reason they use a wide range of odour control products that freshen up the air & eliminate the odours. Odours in restrooms, lobbies, reception areas or offices are often the cause of negative impressions. To ensure that negative impressions aren’t created, air fresheners are used in battery-free, battery-operated, solid, aerosol or liquid forms.

Floor squeegees, sponge scrubbers, sponges, hand pads, graffiti removers and air fresheners are some of the most common commercial cleaning products that are used by cleaning companies in Perth. These products are very beneficial in keeping commercial spaces spick-and-span.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Benefits of choosing professional commercial cleaning

Cleaning Techniques and Equipment

A video on research on the health effects of exposure to cleaning chemicals

Commercial office cleaning companies use a wide variety of cleaning methods, chemicals, and equipment to facilitate and expedite the cleaning process. The scope of work may include all internal, general and routine cleaning – including floors, tiles, partition walls, internal walls, suspended ceilings, lighting, furniture and cleaning, window cleaning, deep cleaning of sanitary conveniences and washing facilities, kitchens and dining areas, consumables and feminine hygiene facilities as well as cleaning of telephones, IT, and another periodic cleaning as required.

Essentially, everything involved with a commercial business, be it cleaning property for a real estate agent or cleaning the aftermath of a building project. Carpet cleaning though, even with regular vacuuming, needs hot water extraction applied every 18 to 24 months. External cleaning, litter picking, and removal of graffiti may also be incorporated.[1]

The two global cleaning industry associations, the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) and the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), both publish standards for managers and operatives engaged in cleaning activities.[2]

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Contracts often require cleaning companies to provide consumables such as paper towels, toilet rolls, liquid soap, bin liners, etc.

Home Cleaning | Office cleaning | Commercial Cleaning

Home Cleaning | Office cleaning | Commercial Cleaning


The commercial cleaning industry is extremely competitive and employees tend to be at the lower end of the pay scale. However, unionized workers may earn higher wages. Many commercial cleaning companies provide on-the-job training for all new employees due to the nonexistence of tertiary-based courses for the cleaning industry. A trend in the cleaning industry is the elimination of the usage of more hazardous chemicals such as drain cleaners due to liability and environmental concerns. Individuals employed in commercial cleaning typically hold the job title of janitor, custodian, or day porter.[3]

In Australia, the United States, and Europe[clarification needed], commercial cleaning companies are encouraged to screen all employees for evidence of a criminal background. In some countries, such as the United Kingdom, cleaners working in schools, children’s care homes and childcare premises are required by law to undergo a criminal record check [4]

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Commercial cleaning lists

Commercial cleaning lists

Commercial, office and domestic Cleaning Services

Commercial, office and domestic Cleaning Services

Benefits of choosing professional commercial cleaning

End of Lease, Bond Cleaning, Deep Cleaning

Introducing: Mr Meticulous Cleaning Services

Mr Meticulous Cleaning Services has been looking after you and your friends and families’ homes and offices throughout Australia since 1995. We engage highly trained and skilled cleaners who pride in their results. Our team specialises in end-of-lease cleaning and commercial cleaning but produces a high level of professionalism and cleanliness in any facet of the industry.


We offer services for cleaning your home weekly or fortnightly, for one-off, deep cleaning services, end-of-lease cleans, and Bond cleans. Homes aren’t the only place we clean; end-of-builders clean or shop fit-out cleaning services are available.

We understand all the work that goes into a building project, and the last thing you want is messy surprises at handovers. Our professional, reliable, and dedicated team will ensure your project is left spotless.

End of Lease Cleaning and our Bond Cleaning Service is something that we have become well known for. We have completed 1000’s of end of lease cleaning jobs for individuals and real estate agencies. Our Bond Cleaning Service not only offers general cleaning, but we also offer:

We look after everything for your end-of-lease cleans, or Bond cleans so that we can guarantee your Bond is returned. Email Enquiries welcomed

Natural Mould cleaning options

Mould Remediators:

I.e. does not recommend Fogging or Ozone as standalone treatments as these procedures do not physically remove the mould, and dead mould can still negatively impact health.  These treatments may carry additional health risks.

It is essential that you carefully question remediation companies before engaging them.  You can find a list of IICRC Certified Mould remediators by following the link below.  Look for a remediator with the following Certifications:


Mould Removal, Mould remediation, and mould Elimination Email us at Mr Meticulous Cleaning.

NDIS Cleaners in Dawes  Point 2000 Sydney

Mould Removal, Mould remediation, and mould Elimination Email us at Mr Meticulous Cleaning.

NDIS Cleaners in Dawes Point 2000 Sydney


Wardrobe Dehumidifiers:

Plug in dehumidifiers that warm the space reduce relative humidity, and reduce the risk of reaching dew point temperature, which in turn causes condensation:


Mr Meticulous Cleaning Services has a cleaning team near you. We charge only after the service and will correct, fix or discuss any situation. We offer seven days a week cleaning, and we’re 5 Star rated on Google, the most powerful and trusted search engine for reviews and social proof that I would put my trust in, and having a 100 % money-back guarantee, you can not go wrong.

We are accountable; we are on all social media platforms. We are contactable, widely known, verified and trusted, and reviewed on Google and other viewed platforms with outstanding reviews from clients that have used Mr Meticulous Cleaning Services.

We were cleaning in the ’90s and now the 000’s, and we will continue into the future and beyond.

Marc Hamilton has been the owner since its inception in 1995. Marc started and will continue to be the face and contactable person within this business. Always available. We are not a faceless, contactless, unknown person behind any website geared towards share prices and company earnings. Both Marc and our team of dedicated cleaners value working for you and hold a personal commitment and interest in providing the best service possible. We are in this together.

You are welcome to contact us at 0402 317 313 or [email protected].

Why Office Cleaning Service in Sydney is to be done by professionals